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I'll have to check this game out for myself now.

Jane, if you're not already using Acid (Sonic Foundry's Editing Ap) I highly recommend it. Not that I'm making a lot of music, but when I *do* want to throw some songs together (mostly techno), Acid is the only way to go (even for rock music). *Very* easy user interface.


Mainly useful for regularly metered songs (e.g. techno) trackers are very good for quickly sequencing songs together (so long as you have some samples on hand), but that may just be MHO.


I've used Acid for techno and rock, but since I usually only use software like that for sketching a rough outline of a song I just use SoundForge.

I never was much interested in the idea of a music video game, but it definitely works as an introductory tool at the very least. I have friends that started learning multiple instruments and getting involved in making music from being exposed to Music Generator.

...on a somewhat off topic note, I wonder how many gamers are musicians.


hm, interesting wondering, Draigon. informal poll might be in order.


I've made some great songs on this little application. It's been fun learning to master the art of sequencing differently composed riffs together. Funny thing is though...how do you burn all these songs unto a CD? I have it for the PSone so it's a bit more limited and tricky to manage between memory conserving and song size. If anyone knows how to do this please e-mail me, I'd be in debt to you.


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


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