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The only problem being, of course, that you haven't truly "met" someone until you've shared actual (as opposed to virtual) physical space with them.


here in new york most conversations have grown from talking about your rent and where you live to include whether your on friendster or not and how you may be connected. ah, silly silly new york. oddly enough even the young activist crowd here is all over friendster, even as anti-technology and so on as they are.
if yer in new york, look up "free events calendar" for an example.


When I was in the Bay Area over the summer, I met up with a few strangers through Friendster for an enjoyable evening of roleplaying and curry. I've actually had only positive experiences meeting people I've previously talked to only through the internet, which perhaps makes me the exception that proves the rule, but hey, bully for me.


Creepy! I signed up and immediately had 4 of my friends waiting to add me to their little list. Apparently I'm somehow connected to over 5000 people and yet.. I rarely hang out with even 1 person. Is this a game or a mindf!#k?


Funny you mention friendster. I recently got 2 of my friends to sign up. Nothing comes from it, but its something to play around with while were online.


Friendster is cool. I signed up a couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoy communications :))


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