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Not being funny, but two screens is good and all that. But other than displaying stats or menus, i cant see any real use for it.

Unless you wanted a two player option, in which case we have that already.

I mean, anyone ever tried to concerntrate on two screens at once when something as frantic as Zelda or a game that isn't an RPG/SRPG?

Its just not that easy to do, and hardly seems worth all this fuss.


Why isn't anyone talking about the possible mulitplayer uses? I remember the gamegear had a Micromachines racing game which allowed two people to play on one gamegear. It was fun but both of you had to stay on the same screen so sometimes it was hard to see. Why not play two people on one system, each with their own screen?


"Additionally, how would you port about a larger screen?

Maybe if it was all spaceage and u could fold it like paper...."

You could easily fit it in if the system was shaped like a normal GBA with a second flip up screen atached a la SP. That would even protect both screens.


[in memory of Nintendo, 3 days after its suicide]
Nintendo, WHAT THE HOLY FUCKING HELL WERE YOU NOT FUCKING THINKING?! Jesus Christ. First there was the Gaymecube's controller, or as I like to call it, "3 cubic inches of pain." Then they go and royally piss people off with the GBA SP. I'm not even going into the internet-unfriendliness of the 'cube, that's maybe the worst part of it all. Why not just say, "We're dead. Accept it and move on?" Now we have something I want to believe in so bad, but causes me to have virtual boy flashbacks. Nintendo, you killed yourself today. Farewell.


earlier, someone mentioned the gameboy ds/ngage connection. products that seeem to be goofy as far as a technical need by consumers, and with a press release of "eh" and "why?"

i dont know about you guys personally, but when i heard "nintendo will be releasing info on a new secret handheld device, that's not meant to compete with standard gameboy" i was HOPING that nintedo would be releasing their own gameboy/cell phone product. an ngage done RIGHT, with all sorts of compatability with previous gameboy games, and with the same style connectivity to the cube.. but with an added cell phone, and packed into the same tiny package as the sp.

now THAT would be somthing im interested in


Do you not recall the patents registered for wireless video and voice communication?

Yea, think about that.


Oooh, two screens... not!
Why, oh why, wouldnt they make one big screen so developers could decide what they want to do, but now instead they force developers to make some trivial use for the second screen.
Ok, maybe some can think of a really clever use of it, but I bet most like 80% wont, just use it for inventory or something like that.
Thats just plain stupid thinking again from nintendo.


stick it up ur arse nintendo will wipe it big time.....


Well, if you all hate new hardware so much, buy a Neo Geo...


"Well, if you all hate new hardware so much, buy a Neo Geo..."

Wow, you say that like it's a bad thing.... [Goes to play Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves]


It seems to me the wait and see philosophy is best on this one. I see it more as Nintendo test marketing their new hardware before releasing a widescreen and updated SP. I mean the games are going to hold 8 times (in theory) what current GBA games hold. Though looking at the design I wish they would have done in horizontal rather than vertical. Or maybe made it so you could swivel the screen from vertical to horizontal for some games. Most cultures after all read right to left rather than up to down.


So much to reply to since my last post...

Let's see. As I read the new posts, I had some thoughts. Someone seemed to be of the mind that Nintendo almost invented lit screens in portable when they released the GBA SP. Don't forget about the Game Gear, or the Nomad. Both were portal systems with lit screens.

There's been some good ideas about the use of the 2nd screen. Since I personally like RPG's, I wouldn't mind having stats and menus available on one screen while the action continues on another. This could cut down on the number of hours invested in these games, especially since so much time is spent changing something or other in the menus. Having one screen for sports games showing the entire field while another is zoomed in on the character you control is great too. I also liked the idea with Metroid style games having the map on the 2nd screen all the time. Especially for games that show hidden walls on the map when you may otherwise miss it.

The concept that this could lead toward VR devices is nice too - good call on that one. I never think that far ahead, so it's nice to see that someone else does :)

I'm not so found of devices like the N-Gage, but that's because I don't have a cell phone, and see no need for it. I don't like to waste money on things I don't use though...

As far as the PSP goes-I don't think it will work well unless Sony can get it down to that magical $100 to *cringe* $125 price range. Honestly, portables should never cost more than $100. You shouldn't have to spend as much money on a portable as you do on a home-based device. It makes you feel cheated most times.

Someone mentioned that Nintendo has more games (or was it more quality games) than Sony. I disagree. It depends on the type of game you like to play, or what games you like in general. I agree with the person who buys their systems based on the games they want to play, which is what I do also. Right now, I have a GC and a PS2, but not an XBox. I see no reason for the 3rd, because there's nothing I want to play on it. The other 2 - well, the GC is for Zelda (of course) and party games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Mario Party. If an RPG other than Zelda came out for it great. Otherwise, I prefer my games on the PS2 because I like the controller better, and the PS2 has more games that I want to play. I couldn't care less who makes a game as long as it's good.

Support who and what you will - I choose to support the companies that make what I want. If the DS turns out to be a system that has games I want to play, and I can afford the system and games, I'll buy it.


Consumers laughed the Nintendo Powerpad into oblivion. 10+ years later, every arcade has Dance Dance Revolution. Yep, "just plain stupid thinking again from nintendo". When will they learn?


The inovation is not just having two screens, but in control methods.

Obviously, the second screen will be touch sensitive like a Palm screen. This will allow games to have a real-time changing control system - especially cool for role-playing games with complex menus and the like.


If you read closely Nintendo not only touts the innovation of 2 screens, they also say that they can be used as ONE BIG SCREEN. I read a few comments above that advised JUST THAT. Holy crap! Nintendo one step ahead of the curve again.

PSP? Give me a break. Give me many breaks in fact. Moving parts = fragile. Ask the people who bought the "portable" zip disk drives, only to have them break in 6 months. And the discs have to spin? Say good-bye to battery life.

Remember Nintendo is in the black. Sony is cutting its workforce. The XBOX is taking a huge chunk of Microsoft's Windows and Office profit just to keep it afloat. Don't think the only company who is making money off its consoles is dead even if the DS doesn't pan out.


I tried to write a short GGA comment/response to the common criticisms of the DS I saw online. It clocked in at nearly 5,000 words, so I posted it instead.


OOhhh, I for one can't wait to get my grubby lil paws on this new Nintendo device. I'm an absolute Nintendophile and am proud of it! Personally I think this will bring a whole new and exciting element to things (if implemented properly, as with most things).

What annoys me (in a cool kinda way) is that whenever I think "Gosh it would be great if...", that idea gets implemented soon afterwards.

This happened with X-Wing when I thought "It would be great if we could play as the Empire". A few weeks later TIE-Fighter was announced.

It also happened with GTA Vice City when I thought "It would be funny if they emulated a Commodore on the start-up screen"...2 days later I bought GTA Vice City and saw this.

Just a few days prior to this news I said to work colleagues "It would be great if they implemented dual-screens more in gaming". Lo and behold, Nintendo have delivered (or will deliver as the tense may be)

If this trend continues I'm thinking my next trick will be "It would be great if there was a game that syphoned copious amounts of cash into my personal bank account"


Dais... you're a moron. Sorry, just had to say that you make all PA fans look like retards. Thanks for your time.

As for two screens: Fantastic. Anybody with a dual-monitor setup on their PC can tell you how spiffy it is. Extra information, ready-to-use menus, and five hundred other applications us mere mortals haven't thought of. It's too early to place any bets, but a two-player portable sounds pretty promising. After all, Nintendo developed Warioware. The only portable game I've ever seen where two players can use the same device. Why not take the next step? Sounds like an adventure to me!

Also, I love Draigon's comment about the Powerpad. Maybe Nintendo got their timing a little better this time.


My main concern is that developers won't implement the new abilities of the upcoming DS to it's full capacity, thus ensuring the great concept is pushed off the market into obscurity :/


I'm especially amused by the comments about Nintendo trying to commit corporate suicide and voluntarily throwing themselves into bankruptcy. I realize that you're being trite, but it should be noted that Nintendo, being a large company, doesn't do anything without analyzing the market and its demands. I guarantee that the Virtual Boy went through several focus groups and was deemed an acceptable risk as a new product. If it were anything else, we'd never have seen it. This new device will be the same - if they're releasing it, then they're relatively sure that SOMEONE out there wants/needs it.

Two more cents.


ok ok ok We all know about the 2 screens lets talk about the graphics. do u think it will have better graphics than the gba? personally im not even impressed with the graphics on the gba. have u seen the Tapwave Zodiac portable game system? it has twice as big of a screen and its backlit and its about the same size as a gba, but even better, this thing has 128 bits!! thats insane.

ok back to the nintendo ds or NDS. i like the idea and all but how exactly do they expect to put all that software, both the screens, and have good graphics, and make it small and portable, and the most important COMFORTABLE!! the GBA SP is the most uncomfortable thing i have ever held. it will cramp your hands after one minute. people with big hands really have a hard time with it. why dont they just make a portable system with a controller with a screen sticking out of it. Man would that be nice!!

Ok and also let talk price! i dont want to spend a fortune on this and i dont want to wait for the price to fall. i hate doing that.

over all i think its a great idea but i just dont see how it will all work. oh well, i guess we'll all just have to wait till May to find out what this thing really is when they reveal it finally.


OK. This is just plain wierd. We're all sittin around at our computers staring endlessly and waiting for new news on a device that no ones even looked once at execpt for on the hardware team. Hell we don't even know if it really is vert screen and the fact that by looking at some kids post up we're now starting to build up strategies for vert screens is just plain sad. Personally I dont think they'll be able to pull off a vert 3 inch screens. ( and yes i happen to KNOW its 3 in. ) over all it looks like PSP might be nothing more than an upgraded N-Gage (for all those who know what that is) but I want to be more helpful than to sit around pissing my pants saying to wait and I'm going to tell you that www.mercurynews.com happens to have -- get this-- a USEFUL artical on the DS ::: shock shock:::


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