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Posting photos of your online MMOG characters is kinda like showing people baby pictures maybe?

It's more like telling your D&D adventure stories, but perhaps slightly better than showing the artwork you've drawn of your D&D characters.


Forgot to add that looking at Phyrric makes me think of Fiery Blaze & Friendly Fire (from The Tick live action series). Though from the sound of it, that is the kind of design you were looking for. :p


Women character wardrobe limited? I'm suprised that you say that. The only place where you can end up with a bikini or bustier is "tops with skin" whereas there are a whole ton of other catagories for the tops (armour, tops without skin, suit jacket, etc.).

Though I just joined last week, so maybe they added new clothing options recently?


Snowmit - I say limited primarily based on the number of options available to women in the world at large. When you look at the range of shapes available to women in fashion in general, in the Western world, they can wear various shapes of pants, of skirts, of dresses. Tops include shirts, and wraps and jackets and tops of all sizes. There's only really one style of jacket in CoH, for example. No halter tops. No chance to wear something like a nice blouse and style that out. Why would a superhero rock a blouse? Well, why would a superhero have fins on their boots?

For both men and women, I found the categories for tops, and bottoms unduly limited. For example, for pants, there's tight, and baggy, and cargo pants. What about pleated? What about pinstripe? What about short-shorts? What about bare feet? So many permutations of dress - I must sort of forgive the designers for not including every permutation. But when you get down to it, they offer categories of dress in CoH without offering a range of dress within them. So you can select suit jacket, but it's only one cut. Soon, I suspect, they might expand those options. More choice - more creativity - more entertainment value!


What, no one else has pictures?

Due to time constraints and recent admission into the WoW beta, I'm not on as often as I'd like to be. Guardian server.

Kid Cuttlefish, Cephalopod Champion.

(Messiahnator is brilliant)


I actually found a bare foot option the other day. It only appeared with certain combinations of bottoms and boots (which I can't remember, sorry). It was for women; dunno if they have one for men. Has anyone tried the new costume store in Steel Canyon? I've been happy with my costumes so I haven't gone to tweak them.

doesn't matter

haha, that last picture actually made me laugh out loud. "Bless you all my children!"

good stuff.


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