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Big Brother is Watching

It's not by someone working on TTA. My husband is part of the same team that ea_spouse is talking about, and it's a different game. I haven't seen my husband in over 3 weeks, other than 5 minutes for him to mumble at me blearily before we go to bed at 2-3am. He hasn't had an actual day off since early October...at least back then, he got back at a "decent" time (10:30pm). Hopefully, this project will be over soon.


ClockworkGrue, I'd be curious to hear what you can tell us about the buzz at EA redwood shores today about all this. It must be at least a wee bit tense there today.


Tense is a good word. I have to be careful with opinions that I express, because I do not "represent" the official opinion of EA when I speak. That's why I don't talk in specifics about whatever game I'm working on at the time.

Since I'm currently a young single person, most of ea_spouse's complaints don't really bother me directly. I have no one to worry about except myself, no one I'm accountable to outside of work, no relatinoships to maintain. Indeed, I am the person who comes in to fill the jobs of those who couldn't take it. That said, I also recognize that someday I will not be young, and I'd like to think that someday I will not be single. I have to believe in my heart of hearts that we will find a way to get through this because EA is made of great people, and great people work things out.

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