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Heh, I can see the opposite being true and people being mad at the cartoon. Buying items and money in MMO's usually correlates to lack of skill. People associate account buyers with cheaters rather than people without time to sink into the acquisition of an e-wang. Having the item buyer be a girl seems anti-progressive, or maybe I'm thinking too much into it.


Interesting point Akala...I hadn't thought that far ahead. Hm. My initial reaction though was just that she's supposed to represent the average consumer, free of value judgement. But you are right, of course, lots of gamers would candemn this move on Sony's part as ruining the game. Terra Nova has a pretty high concept discussion on this: http://terranova.blogs.com/terra_nova/


The gamer apparently does not wear a bra. Woo hoo!

(PS Nice of Sony to use cute cartoons to describe the way that Everything Is Going To Be Better, Just Let Father Sony Handle It.)

Jason Scott

Just for the record, this shouldn't be looked at as anything other than what it is: a power-grab for Sony. The advertising is typical Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt: "if you do not buy into our little marketplace, you will be ripped off and taken advantage of and possibly murdered. (long dirge of music, foghorn)."

That said, it's good to have someone nice and big to yell at if things don't go right. The question will be if the value they add will be worth the increased cost of doing this sort of business. The fact that they will go after anyone NOT using the service, that is, monopolizing the market, is not a sign they will feel a need to.


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