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It's a pet peev of mine when people try to refer to things in the real world as "interactive."

A store _must_ be "interactive" or it's not a store at all. A store is defined by the fact that you can buy things from it. When we use the term "interactive" to describe parts of games, what we really mean is "almost, but not quite, totally non-interactive."

Ugh, buzzwords.


reminds me of "multimedia".

but come on, crankypants clockwork, you know what they mean! it means hands-on games and cool stuff! you can't rain on THIS parade, mister!



Since I work in the building, I'll be going to check it out when they open. If anyone wants anything e-mail me at donbert (at) gmail (dot) com. We get discounts with most stores other stores in the building, I wonder if Nintendo will give us a discount as well...

Alice Lee

I don't think this can tecnically be considered their first retail store, the new Nintendo World store is replacing the older Pokemon Center that has been there for years. It's a shame too, the Pokemon Center was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.


I'll be there, taking photos and posting them up here. The life of the college student. Ah.

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