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Penny Arcade rocks. Those two did exactly what needed to be done, without hesitation.


Other news for you- vgcats gave out Jacko's email, phone number and street address- just if ou want to join in the argument and enlighten Jacko. Be warned- he is insane and any comments resembling violence or threats may get you an FBI investigation. :rolleyes: He is a nut.


It's actually all over the net. If you check one of the links up in the original post you'll see that someone posted it in case you wanted to call him and thank him or pray for him.


did you see Jack's slathering insanity over at Game Politics? It's bloody legendary!


It looks like he's a little upset that the Florida Bar Association is looking into his behavior.

It appears that he posted a comment in a thread over on Joystiq that includes his letter to the Bar. He's basically threatened them collectively if they take action against him -- something along the lines that if they take action against him "it does so at its own peril."

Not a bright thing to say to an organization holds your career in their hands... but then there's precious little he's said lately that could be considered "bright".


Oh man, that letter is delicious. Maybe he can call the police on the Bar for harrassing him, too.

But my favorite part is how he claims his email is very secret and not widely distributed.

Google Jack Thompson's email address

Check out that first link for VGCats. That email addy's from August of this year. Doubtful he's changed it since then. Also: He posts his PHONE NUMBER in a comments forum and then complains about being harassed via phone? Makes you wonder if he doesn't actually want people to call him.


bowler, Jack Thompson's e-mail addy bounces everyone back- so e-mail doesn't work anymore.

When we called him we had to cross-check the phone number on StopKill with the one provided by the Florida Bar to make sure.

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