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i wish i could go to Leipzig! Seems like a fun time.

T. Holbrook Walker

E3 was scary this year. I can stand still and do nothing but still get tired. I almost knocked a guy upside the head for trying to cut me in the Super Mario Galaxy line, and that's when I knew that this thing had gotten out of hand.

I'm all for a change of pace, and I'm due a vacation anyway. It's too late to plan Leipzig, but who's up for the Tokyo Game Show connecting/departing from San Francisco?

T. Holbrook Walker

Wow, I'm really going. Just thought I'd share, and thanks for the idea.


Sorry to post so late.

I don't think the Games Convention in Leipzig will be cancelled. There are always rumours about moving the GC to Cologne or Berlin, but I've heard none about a cancellation so far.

"why would they cancel E3 and still do Leipzig" -- I guess the industry regards the GC as the more "useful" event nowadays, at least that's what some EA-guy told me. The GC features a developer conference (gcdc-germany.com) with stars like Will Wright or Molyneux attending, a closed E3-like business center open only to the industry and press, the huge showfloor open to the public, a case modding competition, the opening concert with symphonic game music and many cultural events like pop concerts or cosplay-meetings throughout the city of Leipzig.

It would be really sad and a tremendous financial loss for the whole region, so I hope it won't get cancelled any time soon.

Anyway, if you're interested, you may watch a (very amateurish) video we made last year. Sorry that it's all in German, folks, but I hope you can at least "feel the atmosphere".


A av A

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