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Are there only five job classes? or just five job classes revealed here? I must admit the PS One Final Fantasy Tactics was a great game (at least as much as I saw of it) - especially the 18+ job classes and skills. Sort of like Fallout - a flexible approach to character class. Fluidity, which D&D 3 attempts to add to it's hoary franchise with multi-classing (and a preference for humans - only they can multi-class with impunity). I believe I prefer FFT as classes/skills/jobs are more flexible than D&D3 - a matter of choosing an area you want your character to study and finding some chocobos to beat on until they learn it.

Here in GBA FFT, the jobs seems tied to races - is the "black mage" supposed to look evil or deadly? "hey! I'm a rabbit, I can fly! don't mess with this!"

ah, the danger of previews. My main question was not answered here - CAN YOU PLAY TWO PLAYER? If you can, I'll get my own copy for head to head, taking my "classy" characters up against another player. Otherwise, I'll just *ahem* have to borrow someone's to check it out single player some time.


we should get advance wars!


you sound like and idiot somehow


Well maybe I feel like an idiot, because after getting my hopes up, Magic Box is reporting rumors of a delay for FFT GBA until the Spring.

But, MB is also reporting new Onimusha Tactics for the GBA! Out in just three weeks in Japan. Hmm, never played much of the console Onimusha, besides the demo.


More from Magic Box: "In the Square Meeting 2002 Autumn, Square announced Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for GBA will be released in Japan on February 14, for 5800 yen. The game will be published by Nintendo of Japan."


February? that's so long away!

but i think this game i'm recently into, Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis for GBA, is multiplayer... maybe we should try it!


You should get Tactics Ogre: The knight of Lodis for GBA. It's great. i mean they have a different type of job system, but different types of jobs such as dragoons and beast tamers and dragon tamers! it's so cool and a long story line!


I heard that there are about 32 Job Classes in all. I read the Jap. Import at a game site. They already have a walkthrough for the Japan Import.


my sister was kind enough to buy it for me on the launch date, feb. 14, so i have a copy. sadly i haven't had much time to play it, but one amazing situational aspect of the game is that your character starts outside the game; magically he falls into the game, meets a Moogle, and has a rather existential exchange with the creature about the game world and the outside world.

i need a good long weekend to delve into this game!




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FFT GBA is sooo good and any one who says "the first was better" need to acualy play fft gba, duh the psx one is better, its on psx and the new one is on gba, no one ever said that the gba one is trying to be better than the first, I see it as so fun to carrie your lil army around with you and at any time you can just pull it out and play n.n hehe,


i luv this game its great no doubt


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