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Will electronic entertainment replace large segments of human interaction? Chat with strangers who more closely share our interests, interspersed with quests for shared goals or competition.

But whether millions of folks communicating that way will have over-arching, organized behaviour, that's the subject of a number of provocative books these days. I think Jane has read a bunch of them - Emergence, I recently read Linked, and soon Smart Mobs will be out, examining the behaviour of people networked with machines and using software to communicate for an increasing part of their lives. Network-game-based-communication is a young discipline, but Zack, the biggest online game in the world in Korea is particular in that the expanding networks of people in those games have used the tools provided and their own arrangements to organize in some ways that seem to match the theories of people who study networks, especially the folks behind Linked. I would recommend you read that, if only so I can see if you believe the author when he posits that we can't help but organize along certain lines when we form large groups.


So, there are many more books to read I see.

If you all don't know me, you probably don't realize the massive sloth that is my academic existence. And, if you know me, you know I'll now have to read at least Emergence and Linked. Jane says Emergence is short, and both of you are pushing Linked.

Having reread my initial post (and ignoring the spelling errors) I still agree with the thesis that networks are inherently irrational. That is, networks designed by humans.

I am fascinated by social insect behaviour and look forward to learning more about how ants and humans differ in the networks they make, or perhaps I'll find that we (ants and people) behave more closely in line as networked creatures than I initially posited.

Boy, I love intellectual exchange.



in regards to your opinion on human constructed networks, you may be confusing "paradoxical" with "irrational."

consequently, you may want to ammend your conclusion to: "the bigger the network, the greater the paradox."

it would also help if you defined your terms more concretely (i.e. "network," "irrationality," etc.)

pepito pea


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