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1. C64 games i still get misty-eyed about: california games, realm of impossibility, skate or die, sammy lightfoot, archon, yie-ar kung-fu, speedball, boulder dash, impossible mission, karateka, way of the exploding fist, ultima III and ultima IV, bards tale, might & magic, spyhunter, commando, maniac mansion, zak mckracken, i could go on forever...

2. regarding adolescent microeconomics and the arcade: SFII not only revolutionized the fighting game genre, but also radically altered the microeconomic logic of arcade spending. i rationalized spending $5 everyday towards mastery of SF2, as the future payoff of playing for hours against a stready stream of inferior opponents was worth it. it was.

3. in terms of pinball, there has been a serious dropoff in terms of quantity and quality ever since williams withdrew from the industry a few years ago due to its perceived financial "failure" of pinball 2K. stern pinball (presently, the sole monopolist in the pinball manufacturing business) is still such a joke-- even with some former williams greats designing for them.

who remember's when the underground arcade on ucb used to have 10 pinball machines?
those were the days.

pepito pea


I went to CA Extreme last year with my sister and her husband and had a great time, but I didn't make it this year. I've had the flyer for this year's event on my refrigerator for months, but it wasn't at eye-level so it became forgotten.

Jennie and I were desperately hoping to find Space Panic, a silly little game about digging holes and luring alien pursuers into them to fall to their deaths. We hoarded quarters from grocery change whenever we were sent to Safeway for milk, Dr. Pepper, and cigarettes. Yes, Safeway clerks sold cigarettes to us for our parents.

Space Panic was on the list of available games, so we were on a nostalgia high. Unfortunately, last year's event took place the weekend after September 11 and a lot of the vendors/displayers were unable to book flights to California. So no Space Panic. The turn-out was low, but not as low as expected. It seemed that quite a few people were looking to bring a little fun back into their lives.

We had a lot of fun playing games from our childhood: Zookeeper, Tron, Q*Bert, Rampart, Food Fight, Moon Cresta, Pengo and several pinball machines. I found myself strangely drawn to the pinball games -- I kept going back to them. I was especially attracted to the ones with multi-ball capability. There's nothing like trying to keep two, three, or even four balls in play at once.

Many of the machines were broken and there were a lot of vendors selling arcade game parts. Couldn't they have gotten together somehow?? But I guess that's to be expected in a museum/showroom. Somehow it made me feel even older. Games I used to play are now so old that they can't even be fixed.

Alan Whittle

I'm one of the "founding fathers" of this show, although the last few years it's been tough for me to even make it.
In spite of all the doo-doo involved, the organizer of the show like to dust off their treasures and drag them to the hall for all to play. Keep in mind that 99.9% of the games there come from personal collections.
Attend and enjoy! Keep the momentum going.


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