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I love it when the moral guardians come out in force over GTA3 being an evil, evil game. For a start, there's no missions which involve killing innocent people. Far from it, you are amongst the criminal element of Liberty City, and you deal with them alone.

To be honest, when I first started playing, I did beat the crap out of an old lady, just to see if I could. Then, it's like "Hokay, down to completing missions". People will soon realise that the police aren't pushovers, and any shennanigans involving guns and passers-by will be dealt with via Liberty City Police.

Still think it's one of the best games ever though, totally non-linear and very, very immersive. Plus you can pick up prostitutes and take em for a ride. *ahem* Ace, ace game.

Steve ;)~


The impact of that game engine on the psyche is huge, no doubt. Me and my girlfriend had a car at the time I purchased that game, but I didn't drive very often. I remember, we went down to EB, bought it, and I began playing it. For hours.

Three days later, I drove for the first time and was impressed with the intensity of drive I felt to careen around those bastards just sitting at the red light, pull through the intersection like nothing mattered.

Then there was the problem with cops. I truely mad a game out of stealing cop cars, and running over as many of them as possible. In that post-GTA3 binge, the site of a cop car gave me an odd tingling sensation in the back of my head.

The truth is that there was never any real danger of me acting out any of these GTA3-inspired impulses. More so I feel happy that GTA3 gave me the opportunity to act out these transgressions in a safe and security environment without endangering real people.

I have to admit, I felt tremendously guilty during the East coast sniper attacks, all those pot shots from the railway came back to me in a blur.


I must agree. I was playing GTA 3 obsessively since the day I bought it. And usually, I am a careful, courteous, safety-conscious driver.

One night, on the way to a gig, we approached an intersection. The lights were green, but someone in front of me slowed, waiting for oncoming traffic to abate so they could turn.

A car in the lane next to me was barely behind me, almost right in my blind spot. What I should have done is stopped, waited for them to pass, then continued. But I didn't. On a sudden impulse, I sped up towards the stationary car, then suddenly cut between it and the unsuspecting vehicle beside me, leaving a space of what must have been inches between the corners of the 3 cars, a move that if only a split-second mis-timed, would have been a 3-car pile up.

My passenger said "JESUS CHRIST, DUDE!!!". The driver I cut in front of braked loudly and honked reproachfully. And then I realised -- that dangerous move was something I often did in the videogame. I had actually risked the lives of real people, by unconsciously using a learned behaviour from an action game.

I was shocked, and chastened. I now drive ultra-responsibly with an extra layer of "thought censorship" on my impulses. Because I don't trust my mind anymore.

I don't believe the game would drive people to violence, in fact I don't even blame the game for what I did. Rather, it's a more an aspect of my own dizzy perception of reality. However, I am giving serious thought to leaving the more "realistic" games out of my gaming time from now on.


gta3 is great fo rkiling innocent people, as well as criminals. i kill cops firemen/medics/pedestrians/gangsters all kinds, cuz that why i bought the game ok


Wow other people feel the same way I did.. I remember playing GTA3 with my friend for 4 hours at a time some days.. We barely did the missions so it was more multiplayer, we passed around the controller after trying to get as many stars as we could but the longest run. It was fun to watch and to play and it almost made the game multiplayer..

Anyway, we go out for dinner half the time and I'd get these weird feelings like "why is he stopping at the stop signs" and "look at all the people on the sidewalk =)".. Stuff like that, it was pretty weird. We all agreed that it really does mess with your head.. It's only the crazy people who will act on it in real life, that's why the media shouldn't have the right to say games corrupt us.. If you aren't insane already a game isn't going to make you do anything wrong, it will just make you think funny things for awhile.


yeah, i guess that's what they mean by an "immersive" game... after playing GTA3 for a long time i really had the urge to race a car over a sidewalk and take out some streetlamps or something.

i noticed an interesting phenomenon: while i was playing the game, the violence didn't bother me at all - when i'm in control of a game, i realize that of course it's just a game. the characters in the game become elements and obstacles, i get caught up in making the missions and so on that i stop thinking about what the visuals mean.

but oh my goodness watching my sister play the same game gave me the creeps. it's one thing to play, and it's another to passively watch someone else beat up little old ladies for cash. and to hear her (she's a LOUD game player) cussing and swearing at the screen (i don't notice it of course when i do it). so i think something happens when you're interacting rather than just observing - you understand the fact it's a game more, you're engaged in the game as a game-player.

maybe all those people who judge level of violence in video games need to play the games rather than watch someone else play - or, more likely, watch selective footage of a potentially "offensive" game.


where i can download multiplayer mode for gta3?


Yep, I got all those things from GTA3 too... but what was even worse than that for me (in terms of reality-warping) was The Sims

After playing that game for a while (read: too damn long :) I couldn't walk around my house without trying to correspond my movement to some invisible grid... if someone came across me in a corridor I'd stop and think, stumped b the complexity of the puzzle, before realising that this wasn't a game, and the corridor was wide enough to fit three people

I'd go to the toilet and think afterwards, 'well, that took about an hour, if I brush my teeth now I might be able to get to work in time, but I'll have to hurry... I've only got half an hour', of course thinking that I only needed to get to the waiting car to actually make it to work.

That game seriously screwed up my sense of time.
I can't wait for The Sims Online :)
(yse, this is a topic shift, but so what? :P)


I think if you do anything for two long it's gonna warp your mind. Whenever me'n my friends would go out we'd always look at the busy sidewalks with a strange gleam in our eye... but then again, there's also the point system that was set up long before GTA came out. Reguardless, I think senseless violence in video games is a good thing.. I'd rather have that than letting off stress outside the game, right?

Still kinda reminds me how I started saying stuff aloud like "slash me is gonna go get something to eat" after using the mIRC clinet for too long. o_O


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To Shaz: It sounds a bit like a cheat code I've encountered, If you havent already figured it out already, then perhaps check out some sites with cheat codes..


When i start gta3,then comes a sign that i need at least 12mb of video memory.Can you help me!!!!!! 8(


GTA3 is 1 of my fav. games but i cant play it cause i only have an 8mb vid crd and it says i need at least 12mb i now thats not true because it is 4 mb less than i have and i no my computer will play it
now dont tell me to get another vid card because i have a laptop and u cant replace the video card so i need a patch to override this warning so i can at least get into the game. so if u could look for 1 in your spare time or if u now how to program please make me 1 thank you so much but please try please please try and could u email me if u make 1 or find 1 (with the link)


sorry, i don't really know how to help you. i would suggest trying to do a search on google.


good game and that


I can help you. Here's exactly what you do.
1. Get two screwdrivers.
2. Stick them both in your ass.

I promiss positive results, in your gameplay, not your ass, or your money back.


this place is plain stupid


Yeh. I get immersed in this game too much, and when I come out I keep thinking of all the stunts I could do in my car.

Same with IRC, I would constantly feel like typing ":)" ">:(" and crap like that or saying "brb"


What in the world?? Who are all you people who cannot tell the difference between between a game and real life? It's a serious problem. You nened to go cold turkey now if you cannot handle these games. You are not in control of yourselves at all. I've been playing these type of games for some time and I still have no impulses of road rage like some of you have described. Go pick up a good book instead and stay off the road.


Don't forget those of us who had an impulse to roadrage before playing games like Grand Theft Auto.


this game is the shit no fillers and no byproducts i mean c'mon this game isnt dangerous i feel fine when im driving my car down the road i dont get no ideas of hitting someone then stopping and doing a burnout on there face :P.Plus seriously if this game is fucking with ur head think about what there gonna be comming out with in the future u guys are gonna probably become serial killers just from playing the games hehe


hey man


does anyone know how to clear the videomemory??


Now we want a multiplayer gta3 so we can hit ur brother then stopping and doing a burnout on there face!!!!!

That would rule!!!

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