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Yabbut supposedly, this game was made and approved because Microsoft tried to get Capcom to make a game for their system by telling Capcom they could make "their dream game," or something to that effect.

I wouldn't expect this game to start any trends. :)

Plus, when the PSX, Saturn, and N64 all came out, I remember an article in the old Next Gen magazine which compared prices now to prices for old systems, with inflated prices for the then/now interest rate mark-up.

Basically, what it amounted to was an old Atari 2600 costing about $500 when the PSX was going for $300, if you used inflation to figure out how much the $146 Atari would be worth in today's (really 1995) dollars.

So really, as technology gets bigger and better, systems are actually getting cheaper and cheaper. I paid $300 for my PSX. I paid $200 for my Xbox (granted, a year after it was released). I paid $3,366 for my Pentium 133mhz in 1995. I paid $1,200 for my AMD XP 1400mhz in 2001.

Sorry I keep hogging the comments here. :)


I don't know how many they manufactured, but the crazy $200 40 button mech controller and game has been sold out all over Tokyo. It's delightful to imagine all these super-geeks pushing forward the gearshift, stepping on the metal pedals and launching their machines into battle. Soon maybe they'll be using XBox Live headsets. Maybe it's dangerous specificity - if one gamer spends $200 on a controller they might only buy games that use that controller, so draining money and momentum from the larger market. But hey - controllers can be a wide variety of shapes and sizes - I'm all in favor of weird devices. Power Gloves, from Nintendo, still seem like a wildly cool idea (if a flawed execution). Let a million controllers emerge!


Justin: actually this controller is only for one game!! isn't that ridiculous?! but that one game really looks amazing... I came here cuz i was linked through penny arcarde, and Tycho there posted that, when your mech is destroyed, if you do not open up a clear plastic covering and hit the eject button, the game will automatically delete all your save files with that mech!! how crazy is that?!

i have a feeling this game will be great, but its totally un-affordable. I live in canada, and $200us is close to $300.. that is the same cost as an entire xbox system!!

i also have the feeling that this game might be a worthy investment; since it is so expensive, it will only be produced in limited quantities, and if it is as good as gaming magazines like Famitsu claim it is, it will be quite popular and hard to get. One day it might be worth quite a bit more than it's retail value ... think neo-geo.

back to my original point, this controller can only be used for one game, but capcom [according to tycho on penny arcade] has promised, and confirmed development of a sequal which supports multiplayer!! ... which hints that this version does not support multiplayer... but who knows. we'll just have to wait and find out.


You should learn how to use Flash to make your steel battalion site, better, like mine. I could help you.


It does seem that the Penny-Arcade Guys are excited to get this peripheral!


yah.. they were invited to a microsoft live! convention thing, ... before going there, they completely ignored it, not wanting anything to do with a $200 game... but they got to try it there at MS headquarters, and since then have wanted it....

maybe they should set up a demo with it in a store - it'd prolly sell more....

but since my xbox tv is smaller than my computer monitor, i do not think this game will be seeing my room anytime soon.


There's something I agree with; if you're going to go for a Total-Immersion Mech-based game, where 3/4 of the screen are used just for onscreen data about your Mech, it seems likeley only people with Plasma-monitors to spare'll be buying this. This is the kind of game one would want to experience at maximum: RGB-Scart, 5.1 surround, and a rediculously sized tele.

Yes please.


I own the game. IT IS AMAZING!!!!! I got it a day after it came out which is unusal for me, but anyway. The game is deep! thats putting it lightly.

When you die as a pilot, there aint no coming back YOUR DEAD! No restarting from a save point if that pilot is DEAD! DEAD equals DEAD! What is even more challenging but hard to accept is the absence of a damn PAUSE button, but i am sure it is a combination of buttons that i just havent figured out yet.

IF someone knows how to PAUSE, please tell me.......

I haven't made it far and honestly it almost doesnt seem possible to really get far which is why it is addictive. You must keep a steady income of combat points which enables you to replacement Vertical Tanks (VT) that is if and only IF you manage to eject when the going gets rough.

In all honesty the controller doesnt seem durable so needless to say all the fellas wont be mashing buttons on this prized possession. But i am satisfied with the purchase.

Capcom is making a part 2 which will be Xbox Live compatible and they also plan to release future games that take advantage of the controller.

Well thats it for now, because Mission 3 is kickin my a$$, so far..................


i'm thinking about getting steel battallion, but it's 200 bucks. i could just get a gamecube and animal crossing.


Listen all, I really understand the hesitation for the 200 dollar game. One game, 200 dollars. Yikes! Thats an arm and a leg plus some. I purchased the game, around Christmas, and am really enjoying it. As mentioned above, it is extremely difficult and at times extremely frustrating. I play it on a 32" Flatscreen TV with 6.1 Soundsystem. It really a quality game, after shelling out the 200 bucks I realize this. I would consider it worth it, but thats just cause Im a hardcore Mech/simulation guy. Its isnt action mind you, its simulation. Lotsa controls, doodads and the like. Complex, and difficult. It takes very long to get used to. Of the 23 missions, Ive gotten to lv10 on easy, and lv 7 on normal. But I died, and had my campaigns deleted now, so its besides the point. Besides a very difficult game (if you dont like difficulty, look elsewhere) and its complexity, you wont find much help with it. The manual while useful, isnt for long, noone I know has the game to help me with it, and with a 200$ price tag, few people have websites, walkthrough and helpful advice. If your really looking for a hardcore simulation, look no further, its really a quality and very different experience, but if your looking for an easy or action oriented game, or your just broke, you prob want to go with something else.

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