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I love to watch good gamers play. When my friend visited me from San Fran, he brought along Play Station 2 and I loved watching him play. He was so advanced it was like a movie. I'm gettin pretty good on my new GBA, so look out!


Justin Hall


I spoke with a Korean young man Ju, and he explained that he's played a lot more Starcraft in his life than baseball (his example). So he enjoys watching Starcraft being played, since he can appreciate the strategy and skill of other players. I'm getting this sense that every Korean young man has spent at least a few dozen hours playing Starcraft, and so they all have the vocabulary to talk about it, their favourite race (mine: Zerg), and they can enjoy themselves watching masters of the sport play.

Professional video games appeal to video gamers. So it's natural to host the World Cyber Games in South Korea, which is probably the most gamer-dense nation in the world. What country is in second place?


Gaming *is* a professional sport in Korea. Starcraft players make above average salaries for what young Koreans make, and are really famous depending how good they are. Check out MegaWebStation, the PC Bang in COEX, on Friday around 6, 7ish, I think? OnGameNet (The biggest "video game versoin of ESPN", there are four of them) is airing an exhibition all starish game since it is between leagues right now. The PC Bang will be packed and millions of people will watch it on TV in Seoul :-).


p.s. there should be a white guy there if you want to ask someone questions. Bertrand Grospellier (hes french)is one of the most famous BW players in Korea, right now and plays on Friday :-)


They're trying to push a videogame-oriented network as we speak. Unfortunately, they hired a bunch of actors and industry lackeys to do all the shows, instead of coming straight to their target audience.

Ever wonder why MTV is so popular? I'd say it's because the network draws it's fanbase right into the shows. Look at all the programming these days, 95% of the time the people on TV are just some regular joe music fan who got lucky and got to be on the show.

If only the producers of the new station could've been that smart. I was hoping for all kinds of insider info, tournaments, and just general "by gamers for gamers" stuff. Instead I got nickelodean with fucking SPACE NERD WHIL WHEATON.

God dammit.


I think Wil is cool.


I love watching good gamers play!


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