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advance wars is the best game i have ever played... it's chess as paperrockscissors


As far as used equipment goes, I wouldn't buy it for $50. If you can get a new one for $70 (as I assume you can from your note), then do that.

If the $50 should break, then you'd have to spend more than $20 to fix it, presumably (if it can be fixed at all). The new ones come with a 90 day warranty, and you're guaranteed that there isn't any "repair voodoo" going on.

For instance, I just had my cel phone worked on. They opened the case to clean out a ton of pocket lint that had been trapped inside. Now, the LED screen doesn't work properly (because they opened it).

Any time a case gets opened, there's craploads of unknown variables for things to go wrong. Go with the new one.


I distrust opening a case if by non-profesionals I had a bad Sega Dreamcast modding experiance and it put me off in amature videogame mods. I would just save up and get a new one for 20 more.


Later That Day..........

I bought the GBA in fushia and I love it. The game I got was Super Mario Advance, it's an earlier version. Here's the problem, why is the screen so dark?? Shouldn't it be brighter? Maybe I have shitty batteries? Will all my games be this dark?

BTW, thanks for all the feedback. I do appreciate it.


Looks like I answered my own question with this...

Why doesn't the Game Boy Advance use a backlit screen?

When Nintendo created the Game Boy Advance, we wanted to provide our consumers with the most powerful hardware at the best possible price. As we've done with all of our earlier Game Boy systems, we decided to use a reflective screen, rather than a backlit screen, for several reasons:

Flexibility. Reflective screen technology allows users to have greater control over their lighting choices. With a backlit screen, images tend to get washed out and may be difficult to see when viewed outdoors or in well-lit areas. With reflective technology, the brighter the light the better it looks. For low light conditions, players may use overhead lighting or optional light accessories to provide the light they need.

Cost. The use of the reflective screen technology allows Nintendo to offer the Game Boy Advance at a much lower cost than it could have using a similar, backlit screen.

Portability. Reflective screen technology is the best way to display games on a portable system in terms of cost, screen resolution, colors available and excellent battery life. Other portable systems that have used backlighting required a great deal more power and had a much shorter battery life.

Performance. The new Game Boy Advance reflective screen is larger, provides finer detail, and displays a much wider range of colors than any other Game Boy system.

Is there a light accessory for the Game Boy Advance?

The Light Boy Advance and Arm Light Advance, both made by by Majesco, are currently the only licensed light adapters for the Game Boy Advance.

The Light Boy Advance features a hood assembly that snaps over the face of the Game Boy Advance. The lid lifts up to broadcast an even light across the face of the Game Boy Advance. There is also a magnifying lens over the actual screen that allows players to more easily see the images. The Light Boy Advance uses two AAA batteries.

The Arm Light Advance sports dual lights that illuminate the entire screen. It comes in a limited edition Platinum color to match the specal Platinum Editon Game Boy Advance. It will also come in a transparant light purple. It also uses two AAA batteries.

At this time, Toys 'R Us is the exclusive seller of these products.

To get the maximum picture clarity, be sure to play in a well-lit area. Natural sunlight outdoors works great. If indoors, a light source that is above or behind the player will maximize the brightness of the game. Trying to play in a dimly lit area can be difficult, so we don't recommend it--for any of the Game Boy systems.


yeah, the no black lit thing is a problem! i agree, it's infamous.

if you are electrically/mechinically minded, or know someone who is, you can get a kit to install.


doesn't that look great? my friend antares has done it, he said it wasn't that hard. so, if you feel adventurous...

i recently modded my GBA to send signal to the TV, so i end up playing it at home a lot, which sort of defeats the purpose of a GBA i guess. i keep meaning to do the afterburner kit thing but i'd have to get another console so... choices choices!

good luck liz!


I have installed the Afterburner in my GBA and it's awesome. Sure, the colors do look a little washed out but not much. And the really great advantage is that I can now play GBA games anywhere I want no matter how the lighting conditions are.

The installation itself isn't very hard to do if you're not all thumbs. Mine only took quite long (about 4 hours) because I was extra careful not to get any dust on the screen. It also took this long because I also did the optional step of installing a brightness dial (which I'm glad I did because I rarely use the Afterburner at its brightest setting and can turn it off in the rare event that I don't need it).

You can buy pre-modded GBAs at Lik Sang and a couple of other places. The tritonlabs forums


have a couple of pinned threads with lists of installers and sellers if you don't want to do it yourself. Apart from that they offer great installation tips.


Not forgetting that Nintendo are bringing out a newer version of the GBA very, very soon with a flip-top lid like the old-but-very-cool Game and Watch games, and... yes! Backlit screen!!! The GBA is also a lot less powerful than it actually can be, it's processor has been slower down(!) for some really stupid reason.

I want a Zelda game on it. Now.

Steve ;)~


Dammit Steve, now you tell me! :)

I have noticed this thing looks hella great in floresent lighting. If I have to have a new one, I will donate this one to my neices. Can I buy a Zelda game for it now? Are they available? If not what is a good fantasy game for a GBA?


Hey - I work retail at a Babbage's, and I say go for the refurb. They have the same 90 guarantee by Nintendo as the new ones, and the store you buy from should offer a one year warranty for 10 bucks. So saving yourself 10 bucks gets you an almost new GBA (fuschia!) and one year coverage. That's something 70 bucks can't get you.


There is no Zelda for the GBA yet. But you can play the old GBC Zeldas which are lots of fun. Other than that I can recommend Golden Sun for the GBA. It's more like Final Fantasy than Zelda though. You have round-based combat and don't see your enemies on the map.


Thanks Esther! I will look into those games.

Fred~ I am very happy with my refurb. I'm also totally into "used" books & CD's.

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