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but justin, so many of the games these Taiwan reporters (for example) care about are U.S. Games - like, all the games at WCG! Unreal Tournament, Half-Life: Counter-Strike, 2002 Fifa World Cup, Starcraft:Brood War, Quake III: Arena, Age of Empires: The Conquerors Expansion.

maybe the U.S. mainstream media doesn't care enough about games to send reps from USA Today and Time to Daejeon but the games so hotly contested this week all originate in the US, developed by US companies.

i think the US is still an extremely important source/consumer of video games and video game culture.


What Press Rooms are for?

1- Make free long distance phone calls to girlfriends in Istanbul.

2- Play some CrimsonLand.

3- Free coke and coffee.

4- Free Internet.

What else you can do? Nothing! Except begging refrees to enter tournament area, going to other event sites by walking 15 min in cold and rainy weather and got sick, try to attend to player interviews never translated in English etc...


true! i was happy to be able to call friends in California!

now, if only they'd make a decent cup of coffee...


There were no decent Kapy (lol) in Korea at all... At least they had some Instant Kapy in Press Room...

But the best place was Spapia Hotel Business Center and Bedrock. We had good parties there. Some US Press was there too... Where were you guys?

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