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great article, Bowler. i've watched a lot of videos of paintball tournaments, and i was amazed at houw serious and organized the teams were at competition level.

some videos are available to download at warpig.com.


This is a great article, Bowler. I really wanna go try paintball now!




Glad you guys liked it :)

If anyone wants to see the fields we played on (with photos of them), check out


and mouse-over the different fields for photos. This place has the most interesting levels I've ever had the opportunity to play on. I didn't get to play in the town, unfortunately :(


hey, me too! my counterstrike skills paid off my second time out. i played at woodstock in california (before it closed down) and i rocked. After my pitiful first attempt i went back and analyzed my counterstrike methods. i went from fetus position behind oil barrels to cool and calm strategist. i used all of 200 ammo for six games and went on to victory several times over.

on a funnier note i love to play out scenes from Saving Private Ryan like yelling, "Upum! Upum! ammo godammit!" and "oh, i don't think your mother would of approved of that!" as fellow players look at me in dismay.


Back when all of my college buds used to play with me, we all used Aliens quotes:

"Oh, you want some too?"

"Game over, man!"

"Look into my eye."

"Marines, we are leaving!"


Great... now let one of those "ban-all-games idiots" stumble across this article, and bang! here we go with another great headline how games influence people...

Besides, why do you guys play video/computergames at all, realism sucks... if I want realism, then I just enjoy reality.
So, better get into one serious "flashy graphics high-speed respawn blastfest" and have some fun, instead of playing "Us versus Osama 3D". Just my 2 cents - NO OFFENSE !

Lock'n'Loaded, Aulbath

mike d

The trouble with CS is that its influence is extending far beyond real life situation involving guns, it's effecting EVERYTHING...

For example, I'll walk up the stairs to my room and I'll strafe from side to side carefully covering every viewpoint with my imaginary desert eagle. If I see my little sister I instincitvely crouch and go for the head shot...

Then, when it comes to a game of football in the park with friends we're attacking in SWAT formations rather than the more conventional 4-4-2.

I shudder to think how it's going to warp my love life...I'll probably be trying to disarm the bomb during the worst possible of times...


Since I was little ive been into war gaming.
When I got old enough, I bought stuff...
Most notibly, my trusty Romanian AK-47...

photos here ( clicky )

spence ( is a dork )

Did I say mike? I ment bowler, so solly :]


Spence. You really need to go see a film called 'Bowling For Columbine'.

Great site, by the way. Well written.


Spence. You really need to go see a film called 'Bowling For Columbine'.

Great site, by the way. Well written.

SyN Dragon

Well you obvioulsy didnt play Counter Strike enough. Unlike real life, camping in Counter Strike does not pay off. Run and GUN is the path to ultimate domination in CS. A Crew of 5 guys charging around the map firing on the go with concentrated fire is unstoppable. Forget about creeping and slinking, CS is all about running. Sit still and your dead. In real life and in paintball the best method for staying alive is to HIDE in a really good ambush spot and SIT for as long as it takes. Our Paintball team used to get crushed by some 400 pound fatman who had an automatic, silenced, scoped gun that would hide in some hole and blow the shit out of all of us.


I find this humorous, because there is no such thing as a silenced, scoped, or automatic paintball gun. (And I never said to camp in CS, btw).

I'd wager he was a good shot, had a clean gun, had enough money to throw 1000 rounds at long distance per round, and had an incredibly fast semi-automatic 12 ball per second hair triggered two fingered pull. Scoping a paintball gun is a waste of money, because there's no way to tell a musket ball to fly consistantly straight the whole time every time.

Any pro team could take out a 400 lb long balling fatman camper in paintball. It just takes teamwork.


I almost toatally agree with Bowler here. There is such a thing as an automtaic piantball gun (Angel, Shocker, Defiant, and Bush Master are the head liners), but most fields don't allow them to be placed on automatic. All of these guns are whats known as "electroic triger" which is the same as pushing a button on a game pad controller (like the A and B buttons for the N64), there just isn't that much to push so they can make it seem automatic.

You can come close to silencing a paintball gun, but mostly, you can't. The bolt, and rush of CO2 or compressed Air still make a decent noise. And what Bowler said about the scope, yeah... only people who have played fewer than five times or have no understanding of ballistics what so ever know that buying even a 25 dollar scope is more or less pointless. These are .68 caliber ball rounds, not to mention they barely have half the power of a musket ball, and are never, and I mean NEVER rolled properly; they do not fly straight (I know, I've been saved by the law of physics on numerous occasion).

Although I toatally dont agree with the "Dont Rush" Theory. It's a proven fact, sometimes you can, and sometimes you cant. But, you can't sit and hide either, I will garantey that you will be eliminated. You do have to remain on the move as much as possible, otherwise a quarter-organized team will flush you out and bring you down. It's always best to remain aggressive, even if you are the defending team. Keep your head up, and your gun pointed down range, and make sure you dont get tunnel vision; I love back dooring teams who dont pay attention to their flanks.


I liked the article. I haven't played paintball yet, but now I'll be a lot more prepared for when I do.
You should do an article on a game that completely destroys Counter-Strike, namely Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
A lot of wolf servers are starting to run OTLT (one-life-to-live, as opposed to unlimited-lives-to-live), so now you can have the strategy of Counter-Strike AND the superior gameplay of RTCW. And, with the new expansion coming up (RTCW: Enemy Territory), a lot of people are coming back to the wolf gaming community (and leaving the unfortunately grasp of UT2003).



I'm surprised you didn't ALWAYS play like that. Congratulations on sprouting a brain stem.


This stuff is just amazing guys. As a CS player of a few years, and a recent paintball experience have come through, I sat and read this and found it one of the most interesting / specific / accurate discussion I've ever seen.

The analysis of the CS gaming experience, and the subsequent points raised and argued was just brilliance.


I have been latly watchin my boyfriend play paintball .. and it is an awesome sport... and him being incredible at it rox my sox


I think the whole "silenced, scoped, automatic, blah blah blah" debate can be summed up by a link.. Voila. Examine the "Weekend Warriors" strips, and you'll find your 400 pound man with the silenced, scoped, automatic rifle. It's funny to see someone using fictional characters' experiences as their own :) On a side note, I have to give my opinion: CS is a run and gun game unless you have an awp or colt, which I don't think is allowed in paintball. Meet me for a pistol round sometime and I'll show you what your camping will really get you. Here's a hint, it's not a positive ratio.


I've played my share of both CS and paintball. But honestly I wouldn't say that either one would really make you better at the other. Sometimes camping is the order of the day and running around will only get you shot, and there are other times where if you camp you'll be overrun (and yes I know no one actually said to camp, but you get the gist) It all depends on the team you're on, the team you're against, and usually the game you're playing. I don't really think that it's possible to just make one blanket statement about paintball given the variables involved. As for CS I've been told it's all about speed these days. and I tend to listen to him since he's ridiculously good (in the third best clan, goes by Merril) Anyways, I originally only came to this site because the guys at PA used to word "bajingo" in describing it, but I'll likely bookmark it just because it has good articles and style thats hard to find these days.

Whew, that was longer than I thought it was gonna be...


Speaking as an avid paintball / airsoft player and armchair general wannabe (as well as old-skool CS monkey), one thing that CS can't recreate is the psychological effects of indirect and suppression fire. Standard methods of overcoming an entrenched foe involves supression, communication, and flanking -- the first one I don't see nearly as much in CS.

Granted, there are strategic parallels between the game and more realistic combative situations; however, I'm not sure if there's an apt manner to describe an entire fireteam's worth of men taking potshots in your general direction--definitely a demoralizing force, especially in a "big game".

However, with respect to a limited game and a big game in paintball, the rules are different: a smaller (and thusly more mobile) force in an ambush situation will overcome a larger and hindered column of men / materiel if properly executed--in a big game. Obviously, such an ambush would be harder to execute in a limited game where a "hit and run" tactic is not to the benefit of achieving an objective.

CS attempts to recreate an overriding methodology employed by law enforcement: containment and dominance. A force surrounds an area, removes and redirects an opfor into a closed / controlled location and (for all intents and purposes) dominates. This tactic also proves well on a smaller playing field in paintball (or in an interior location / MOUT).

However, on a large field without cover but only concealment, redirection of the enemy is not nearly as directional. Thereby dominance is achieved not by cornering by simply by outmaneuvering and outgunning an opfor. I'd have to think that the best illustration of this isn't CS, but rather an unsung (and wonderfully involved) game called Operation Flashpoint.

My rant over, I close with this: crouching and lying prone work; just as long as those techniques are employed as the situation and terrain warrants. Great article, Bowler.


I yell "its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and im all out of gum". during matches where im dominating. as in during the second or so on rounds. its pretty funny.


I yell "its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and im all out of gum". during matches where im dominating. as in during the second or so on rounds. its pretty funny.

Jesse S

Nice article. But playing CS I dont recon it makes you better at Paint Ball. I once partisipated in a paint ball match spawned by a forum war. Counter Strike Vs Tribes 1 players.

Next to none of us had done paint ball before on either teams. Tribes is nothing like paintball .. its a three dementional jetpak game with high speeds and most the guns work on Prediction shots with projectiles that travel at low speeds. Camping doesnt even come into this game. Anyway the tribes players won all three rounds, they didnt win by a large amount infact the tribes players got the least kills over all, the thing I found amusing was the tribes players won by scoring the most chest shots which are worth the most, also amusing was the tribes plays lost the most amount of points due to head shots as they were worth a negative score.

Out of the three rounds only one flag was captured, it was by the tribes players. Tribes is almost purely a CTF game.

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