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hey! i never "poo pooed" Halo! in fact, you may remember that a certain "Dr. Poo" kicked the ass of a certain "Sparky" repeatedly in multiplayer mode.

although i have to bow down to you for getting to the Library level on Legendary. that's pretty cool!


Halo... YAWN.. Oh wait I vowed to never again pay for a Microsoft product.

I am sure the Xbox fans will have a good time playing Xtreme NFL Halo Hoops 2k3 and Halo 2 but I would much rather be happy with GTA:Vice City and Mario Sunshine


Well it's not very innovative, but for multiplayer cooperative mode, Halo was fun. Somehow I ended up putting in enough time to solve the game in Heroic mode. And I still haven't solved Fallout on the PC! Arguably a more interesting game! But less linear, and somehow sitting on the couch with a controller was a good break from work this summer, often a better break than continuing to lean over my computer, albiet in a different app.

I have a soft spot in my heart for shooting games, and GoldenEye on the N64 helped me see the beauty of console-based shooters.

And once Deus Ex 2 comes out, I will have to decide whether to spend $$$ for a new PC powerful enough to play it, or just buy the XBox version. As much as I would rather not support a giant monolithic company, I do want to draw from good games, wherever they may lie.


Speaking of Fallout and Goldeneye, did anyone play Fallout 2? I had to write the president of the company who developed it a Very Nasty Letter tm. that he probably never read since the published version had a bug in it that made it impossible to complete the game, and the v1.1 patch rendered your v1.0 save games incompatible with the updated version. So basically, you had to buy the game, play it until almost the end (at least 20 hours of playtime) until you realized it was impossible to beat, download the patch, and then learn that you had to *start over*. It's almost enough to make any gamer want to eat a gun.

And due to my addiction to Goldeneye, I had to ask our marketing guy who sits across the hall from me at work to shut his door a few weeks ago when he was playing Timesplitters 2. Since it's a lot of the same guys who made Goldeneye, I guess they thought it was O.K. to re-use the *exact* same audio files as the ones they did in Goldeneye. They don't even sound like 12 bit audio (CD quality). It sounds like lossy 8 bit (or whatever the N64 audio was) samples pulled directly from the Goldeneye cart. Without looking at his screen, it sounded *exactly* like someone was playing Goldeneye across the hall from me.

I couldn't get any work done! I was having serious Pavlovian responses to the reload sounds :)


haha i played fallout 2 and LOVED IT. i didnt buy the game, got a friend's copy, and by the time i had it up and running, i had checked for patches and my game was patched before i started...
i constantly check for patches.

and i emailed the ppl at black isle, about a fallout 3, not some rip-off fallout tactics sh it(that game really sucked, 100% linear, only get weapons for certain missions, cant kill anyone you want, can't fail mission.. grr) and they actually wrote me back an email that was NOT stock!! they said that fallout 3 was in the works.. woohoo!! that would be WICKED.. i can't wait to see the press release....


Oh no, don't support the evil monolithic corporation Microsoft. Hippies.

Michael mattia

I have info about halo to that says halo 2 will come out in summer 2003


Evil Microsoft? Man, I don't care how "evil" they are. Fact is, the Xbox is by far the best console on the market, and it has enough great games to make me happy. Yes, it doesn't have mario sunshine or GTA4, but I really don't care. I'll get lost in morrowind, throw up some graffiti in JSRF or drool over the shadows in splinter cell.

As for Halo not being innovative, well, I have to agree and disagree. When I first played through the game, I thought it was great, but at times a bit short. But I still played a lot of it. Then I had to much and stopped for a while, and then came back to it. Wow. I couldn't belive how amazing the game ways. Not many games "flow" like halo does. And who cares if MC runs slow? He doesn't need to go fast - bungie keeps the action hot and always on you. Besides, the slow run speed makes aiming and straifing easier ;)

Ryan Deward

Well to those who say Halo wasnt innovative enough, ust keep in mind that the game was rushed. And a game doesnt have to be ground-breaking to be epic. It was just a fun game that was impossible to put down. Until you have played 4v4 CTF in Halo you do not know anything about intense FPS games. It had the fun level of Goldeneye for the N64, and it was twice as fun because you cant look at screens. And Halo 2 will not be rushed, all you GTA freaks that love PS2 and settle for lousy graphics will be trading that worthless system in for a new Xbox when Halo 2 is released.

Ryan Deward

Oh by the way props for beating library on Legendary on single player. By far the hardest task in the game. I beat the whole game on legendary but it took a long while :)




easy kill!

Hunter's they may be big and ugly but a shoot to the lower back is 1 shoot dead!
humen pistol is the best for the job!

grunt's 1 head shoot or if sleeping a melee

jackle's when the have there shilde up shoot them in the hand then the flinch a good head shoot will do the trick!

elit's use a needler and hit as meny as u can in to 1 of there fuckers and blow him the earth and back! nahahahahaha!

flood use the flash light they will shop moveing then shoot the fuck out them i reckermend and pishol if u have a good shoot to the head and 1-2 shoots with the shoot gun

big fucking covernent tank thingy! gos to the frunt i mean right up close of it and it should not fire or move just shoot the fuck out it

goste use plasy grandads

banshee my fav! shoot with shoot gun 2s on this dive or shoot the fuck out it with pistel or both

******banshee tricks!*******

if u r being followed go up words in to the sky then dont press not! then u will fall extremly fast and the banshee that was following u its in frunt the shoot the fuck out it!


halo is really piss easy game if u r as good as me! if u wonner no or shere your tipes or cheats with me email me at hawnddog@hotmail.com ((yes there is some real cheats ill find em out from my halo companuon matt me and him make the best team! we and post on site


HALO???????????. THe Best FPS ever made, if any Plystation 2 , fagget says it sucks their just Jelless because it didnt come out on PS2. Halo has everything a FPS needs, i had a PS2 and when i played Halo at my friends house,i sold my PS2 and bought an Xbox with HALO. Time splitter 2 was no mash for Halo, XBOX is the best System in the world, and now that Microsoft bought RARE for Nintendo, No other sysytem is going to come close to XBOX.

Xbox guru

yo first of all let me say i love all the consoles of todays market. but xbox is def the favorite and ps2 is my bastard child. Some one said that halo wasnt innovated and some one said it was was rushed. this game had been in development for like five years but i do agree when microsoft bought it for their xbox it was rushed. They even lost the animals that were supposed to inhabetate the ring world in the game(if you dont belive me download the trailer fro e3 of 2000 when the game was for pc!) and halo was the most impressive game i have ever played to date including any gta game. This game is addicting as hell. i played through it numerous times and beat every level on evey difficulty(easy through legendary) and it is not a short game iz sayed it was eays but his gay ass was probally playing it on easy thinkin he was the shit but hes not. As my last comment i will diss the hell out of ps2. The ps2 is nothing more than a 1998 pc in a black shell and shrunken down.If you dont beleive me then ask the pentium 2 prossesor that can barly prosses 24 million polygons per-second witch may sound like alot but xbox can do 57 million per-second with its custome made nivedia 4 prossesor. game cube can handle like 48 million i belive but im not sure about that one. If you ps2 asseaters dont know what a polygon does then ill explain. A polygon is a matematecal epression for a multi sideded 3d shape. so everything in a game universe is composed of this. That is why when ur playing gta 3 or vice it slows down when a lot of characters or cars or action happenes. Ps2 was made in some guys garrage and sony bought it and massed prodused it. And also gta vise city is wak as hell. IT is EXACTLY like gta 3 with diferrent skins. that ends my post. peace out!


I own XBox, PS2, and Gamecube. I enjoy all three systems, and all three have must-buy games that are enjoyable for all types of people. No one system is "better" than another. There are certain aspects of systems that may be better, but not just "better" overall. The PS2 has the biggest library and Developer-base. The XBox has the best technologically advanced mechanics. The Gamecube has the name "Nintendo" on it, with Shigeru Miyamoto designing games for it. I hate when people say a system is better than another simply because they don't own it, or didn't give it a chance. You can't say one system is better than another unless you buy every single fucking game for it and play them all. Then you can make that decision. And in the end, it's still just your opinion. My favorite? I don't have a favorite. As a matter of fact, I'm currently playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for PS2, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for XBox, and Metroid Prime for Gamecube.

All of you system-supporters out there can bitch and moan about which system is better, when I can spend my hard earned money and enjoy the absolutely fabulous games that come out on all three systems. Stop complaining and defending, play the games on whichever system you have, and have fun. If you don't have enough money to buy a system for a game that's worth it, I'm sorry. That doesn't mean you have to say that the system sucks, and give reasons why you're not going to get it. Just accept that you don't have it, and try to devise a way to get it if you want. There's no need to get defensive. Play what you have, don't play what you don't have, and have fun with whatever you're doing. Isn't that the point of videogames? If ya ask me, that's all that matters.

Don't give me that technical bullshit. Are the games fun? Yes? Good, then play them, and have fun. Who cares if the XBox can produce more polygons per second. Honestly, WHO GIVES A FUCK. Just because it's more powerful doesn't mean it's a better system. It means it was released after the PS2, and has newer technology. GTA: Vice City is innovative, fun, has a great plot, an incredibly in-depth story, and above all, a mind-blowing physics engine. I didn't mention anything about graphics. Why? Because they don't matter. If the game is fun, then people will play it. I'm sorry, but polygons and graphics don't make a game, despite popular belief among little kids that own a N64 and Mario.

Trading a game system in for another one and one new game is stupid. Someone mentioned trading a "worthless" PS2 in to get Halo 2 when it comes out. Ha ha. Why in the hell would someone trade in a game system that has so many great games just for another system and 1 game? That's ridiculous.

The reasoning for all of my hatred towards system-lovers? People are forgetting what videogames are about. People are choosing one company or system and sticking to it, just so they have a home and have bragging rights when the next big game comes out. This war has been going on since the Sega Masters System and Nintendo Entertainment System were the rivals, and will probably never end. Gamers, and only true videogamers care about games. Other people just sit around, looking for a reason to say another system sucks because they don't have it. I'm sick and tired of people buying one system, considering themselves a gamer, then trying to tell people that own all three systems that one system is better than another. Not until you own all three and have played amazing games on all three will you realize that this is not what videogames are about. Videogames are about entertainment, and most of all, fun. So have fun.

Oh, and Halo is one damn good game. Play 4 vs 4 on 4 TVs in seperate rooms over a network. You'll never have a more fun multiplayer experience. :)


Hiro Yuey

This is Hiro Yuey, #1 rated player on the west coast. When HALO 2 comes out this name will be at the top so i suggest u all prepare yourself for the carnage that u will receive once this game goes online.

Hiro Yueuy
The Wandering Mercenary


i have seen maybe 5 literate people on this whole page, some systmes ARE better than others, i went to that damned gamecube convention, and spent five hours till i called for my mommy to come pick me up and i'll never touch another tiny controller for that damned system. Every game cept Mario Sunshine is a complete load of fecal matter, Metroid prime is single player only, and you have to scan EVERYTHING, the godzilla one is tolerable, i'm not a fan of sports games so i won't comment cause all my comments are mean. i'd rather play Super Smash than the damn Melee game, the idea was good, but the lvls suck, sonic should have died with sega, i love the little guy, but SA2Battle was a HUGE load of shit. Oh, by the by, IZ your pretty dumb, halo isn't exactly easy on legendary, elites have about 2 times the life as you do, thier guns never overheat, and they ALWAYS have backup, the only way to win half the time is to sneak up on em, or blast em with the plasma pistol, the jackels only go down with a shot to the gun in thier hand cause thats all you can hit, and they fire a constant stream of plasma that hurts 4 times as much as it does on easy, so the only way to get them is to keep moving and land a grenade at thier feet or pound em with a shotgun, unless ya get em with a plasma pistol (my fave weapon on anything over medium)And for the dreaded hunters, ANY openings in the armor will do, you can hit em in the stomach when they stand up for melee, shoot em in the back, or if you got some distance between you and the big loaf, put a bullet in the base of his face plate, and watch him choke to death (looks pretty much the same as usual though :( ) and don't use plasma weapons on them, they are virtually inefective unless you hit thier meety parts, and even then it barely hurts em. thats the end of my post, sory if i seem vicious, but stupid people like IZ set me off like that sometimes AND I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE TO THOSE 5 OR SO PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO TYPE!

PS. Hiro, nobody cares



blah! i love my xbox! leave it to a girl to care what the company has done in the past and completely ignore it's blockbuster hits....


anyone who thinks halo isn't great should burn!!!! halo will always be one of the best games ever! xbox and ps2 will always be better than gamecube! as soon as halo2 comes out the only thing that will save ps2 and gamecube is ps3 or gamecube12. so just get over it. sony and microsoft run this country. nintendo should stay in Japan!!!!!!!!!




the one above is done by zackly puckett. the one above his is mine!




Hiro Yueuy. bring it on! i am tha=e best halo player on the east coast, and soon the best halo2 player! i will beat you on line, and everywhere else!


Halo 2 is going to be amazing!!!!!!! but it will only last for a short time and then Nintendo will blow the Xbox away and laugh at the unexperieced know-it-all Bill Gates.

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