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OK, the fatty thing has to go. The Koko thing sounds fun. I want that kinda game in English!


NCsoft has made games like war of genesis series and magna carta. RPG games I wish they ported to english.

There's also an online game, the name escapes me, but it has over 3 million subscribers. They said you can log on and be assured there will be at least 2hundred thousand players on that moment. It got to the US shores, but wasn't rated as the best.

About the girls, yeah, there's definitely a lot of grrl gamers out east than the US.

Wong Wang

I want the Game Park 32 to come to U.S. and i want to meet hot gamer chicks


RE: steve
3 million online game is Lineage: Blood Pledge

anwar ul haq

i ll like to play this game.


how r u?


how r u?


The KokoLook game seems interesting...and I agree, they should edit an english version of that

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