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indeed. the Russians played cooly and with great confidence in their final match against Canada. very impressive - they were just clearly so much better, both individually and as a team. that's not to say the Canadians played badly, but they were in over their heads.

the Russians started as the Terrorists, which is by far the tougher position. they made the long-term strategic decision of intentionally not advancing to place the bomb, waiting out the Canadian team, preventing them from scoring kills and therefore from winning enough money to buy the good weapons for the next match. and then, in the third round, the Russians suddenly sprang into action, rushing past the Candian defenses. They almost scored - and they scored in the next round. And three more times after that.

As the Counter-terrorists, the Russians easily held the Canadians at bay, letting them plant the bomb only once. Final score: 4:8, 9:1

Fantastic play by the Russians, good game by the Canadians. It's exciting to see team strategy at work like this.


Yes! It was exciting to watch the match unfold. It was much more exciting to watch this than baseball, for example (probably because I've played a lot more Counter-Strike than baseball).

Here's some more team and nation analysis, with commentary on the nature of game-training in Russia, from Matt Huey at Shack E.S.

Donald Melanson

Good to hear the Canadians were representin'.

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Ok, I'm from Russia and i can reveal you the secret of russian pro's training. Most of them are university students who skip their studies and spend like 12 hours a day in clubs. Our clubs are quite cheap - from $0.4 to $0.8 per hour. If they are real pros, they play for free - 'to entertain the visitors of the club'. I'd also tell ya those are not the toughest players. Most skillful CS players are like 12-13 years old children who have tons of free time and learn things quite fast - they play like 15/7 but since they are too young and their parents dont know they visit school only once a week they cant participate in any really large events. Thats my 5 cents.

Thank you!


fascinating - thank you, yamaneko. we were very impressed by the Russian entrants, but now i think we should go to Russia to watch the really good players - the kids - in action!


lol! that would be a mob of lil kids who - i really wonder how - hold mouses and stand up to press buttons. =P If you wish to come to Russia - always welcome ^__^

Thank you!


woah.. canada in the finals!? Way to go canada!! woo~!


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net

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