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My only reservation to thinking that Halo is the unofficial sequel is a bit of a technology lapse. In Marathon, there were obviously star-trek-like-transporters. BOB's transported in to help you out. In Halo, no there are no such things. Of course, you could argue that the transporters are located on the Pillar of Autumn and therefore could not be used at all, BUT the Halo novel makes absolutely no reference to any such device. I think there may have been another technology lapse that made gave me doubts, but that's the main one.

Marathon Ownz ALL

Wow, I never thought of that one, good job. It's pretty obvious when you think about it. But the big, BIG, thing we're missing, is the AI. Sure we have cortana and she's all good and all, but she isn't like the AIs out of Marathon who control different portions of the ship. Also the transporters...you SHOULD have them on PoA, but you don't. There are transporters though, and Cortana and the 343 Guilty Spark use them to transport you in different levels such as "343 Guilty Spark" and well...i forget the other one, but Cortana sends you in upside down because she's getting the hang of the transporters.
Thanks for the posting.


Actually there shouldn't necessarily be Teleportation technology in Halo. Halo is a prequal to Marathon, so Marathon is farther into the future.


You can get a wide shot of the control room quite easily......

You do it late on in the game, after you use the plasma pistol to shoot down the 4 sentinels and when you clear all the covenent and get out side, you make your way down the pyramid. You then get into a Bamshee....you then fly back on yourself into the pyramid and into the control room, now fly up and look down on control room from above. E A S Y.

As for your comparisons, I never played with a Mac before so I can't say, but old references to other stuff is always cool in my books.

Andrew White

The rocket launcher was actually *called* the SPNKR in Marathon: Durandal and Infinity, wasn't it?

I get so pissed when I see most-influential-games-lists claim Quake or Duke Nukem as being the games that brought 3D to first person shooters. I was fragging my friends on 6100s local-talked together years before Quake came about.


Actually, Cortana can control many parts of the ship, according to the Halo novel. From what I remember, Cortana can control the weapons and lay down an effective defense, can navigate, and do start up procedures. . .she pretty much has the run of the ship. In fact, all ships in the fleet had an AI. The Pillor of Autumn is unique in that is had two AI's, it's normal AI and the much more advanced Cortana, who was really developed as a supplement to the Spartan she (Cortana) chooses.


ya i noticed the name "Foehammer" in marathon a while ago too


Halo might have some relations like the emblems and the suit but i agree HALO IS NOT ANOTHER MARATHON really marathon got very old very fast

Bungie just was used to creating games around that area of intrest


Between the "A" and the "L," I see an "O" in that logo. Halo is EVIL, I tell you.


I don't know if anybody said this already, but Cortana is Durandal's counterpart sword. Charlesmagne had Durandal, his cousin had Cortana.

Halo also takes place some 3~400 years before Marathon. Plenty of time for the Flood, etc, to die and for Sph't and P'fhor to come around.

However, Halo is not Marathon 4. If anything, it's the prequel. It's like Command and Conquer and Red Alert. RA is the prequel to C&C, Marathon being C&C with Halo being RA.


There are a lot of similarities, yes, but not having played Marathon I can't say one way or the other.

However, you did kind of push out the fact that nearly all FPS games have some sort of King of the Hill.

Perfect Dark for the N64 has both a King of the Hill and a Capture the Case mode, where the object is to hold a briefcase for the longest. Unreal also has the Domination mode, where your team has to capture a specific location, and hold it for a set amount of time to earn points.

It's also important to point out that games include fan throwbacks all the time. In Perfect Dark, the guns from GoldenEye are displayed in the Weapons Testing area of the agency office.


Everyone who is saying no are you stupid Halo is not a sequel blah blah blah, is retarded. You should play both games before you make such an article blah blah blah of course they played both games or otherwise they wouldnt have any time of premise or basis for comparsion, also never once in the article does it say Halo is a sequel to marathon. The whole article poses the question is it a sequel? Some smart people have said no its not and these are the reasons but most people dont use their brains and just rant about how there no way that it is and have no support evidence. Maybe you all should take time to READ the article before ranting.


According to the Myth: The Total Codex production journal, Bungie stopped production on Marathon 4 to make Myth. Marathon 4 was going to be a 3D installment of Marathon. Wether or not the story was going to follow the others is not reported. Most likely the work they did for Marathon 4 evolved into Halo. If anyone running Windows wants to check out Marathon, Marathon 2 was ported, and the demo can be downloaded for free. You might want to check bungie.org if you're curious.


I wouldn't call Halo a sequel per se, it seems pretty obvious it's supposed to be it's own game. But I was long ago convinced that it takes place in the same universe as Marathon.

As somebody mentioned, the very interesting gap in the timeline of Marathon corresponds very nicely with the Halo timeline. The player in both games can't be the same person, because while Halo is taking place, the Marathon is en route to Tau Ceti, and for this same reason it also means that Durandal and Cortana cannot be the same AI. However, it is widely accepted that the player in Marathon is a Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg. The similarities to this that turn up in Halo are too much to dismiss out of hand. They both certainly seem to be the same kind of entity.

After the first Marathon game, Durandal whisks the player off to Lh'owon in a stolen Pfhor ship. By the time he arrives there, in 2811, not only is the player halfway across the galaxy from any Halo-related events that may be occurring, it's also around 300 years later to boot. To me, this explains why there might not be much correlation between Halo and the events in the second and third game.


Well then, I suppose I could start out saying that I'm a big fan of Halo and that when I had a Mac a few years ago I played a little Marathon and loved it. It's kinda wierd, I'd actually forgotten about it until I read this and it gave some sort of crazy flashback/seizure due to the sudden realization that you were talking about "the" marathon (the first screenshot really did it for me)I don't really see why there's a debate over who's who. And what game is a sequel to what. Most annoying are the few who have posted that haven't played both games, you know who you are......(they like to scream "halo rules!" and usually have nothing worth saying) anyways, I would describe this thread as "Being riddles with pointless bickering and hoobjabbering with occasional bursts of piercing logic and rational creative thought."
And I'm done.....


well, now that u mention it, yeah, id have to agree with you. but ten again, witt he timeline of Marathon and Halo, would u call it a Sequel or Prequel?

i mean, in Halo they have the more advaced Tech but the Marathon was launched 200 years years before Halo, so that could b the reason for that.

as for manyof the people here who just cant accept the possibility, i think most o the jus dont want to admit that they would like anything that should be bearing the Marathon name


oh, and just a note to Malachai, the Briefcase game in Perfect Dark was not King of the Hill or anything like it. much more akin to the KtMWtB game. only real dif being the ability to run and use weapons.

King of the Hill is a lot diferent, and personally, i think its a hell of a lot more fun.


and teh last note.. i swear.. is that the placement of the Marathon symbol scarily enough makes it AOL

so yeah


You put up a fairly good arguement and I was almost convinced. But reading up on the stories of both I would say that it was just Marathon reverences thrown into the game as something some people would get. But calling it a sequel because of an Easter Egg would be like calling Dukem Nukem a sequel to Doom because the Doom character makes an appearance. Now that I think of it though...doesn't the guy from the Doom and Quake games look eerily like the guy from Halo?


Look at Final Fantasy games. Different worlds, same names, places, music (even a character named Cid).

You really can't blame bungie for using some logos, and names from a previous project.

By the way, Halo IS the best FPS game ever created. Nothing can change that.


Marathon was one of the first computer games I ever played, and I played a lot of it. A friend had a small LAN in his house and we would play Marathon for hours. I would have to agree that HALO is just a logical sequel to the whole Marathon series. Too bad Microsoft snatched it up in an effort to aid the Xbox.


Yes, Stephen, that was my point. All the games these days have a KotH/KtMWtB form of play.


ya missed an obvious one. Marathon logo on its side in the 'O'.

Bobs are Born On Board's.


The graphic on the main page that links to this
article seemed to be about Halo and AOL, rather
than the connections between Halo and Marathon.
The red circle between the "a" and "l" of HALO
threw me off ;)


Spin-off. Not a sequel, a spin-off.

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