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just as an aside, weren't bobs called 'bobs' because it was an anacronym for born on board?

i seem to remember reading that in the orginal marathon manual.

i sure hope someone ports if for os x someday.


Halo and Marathon. Both awesome games made by Bungie. Halo has many things that are remenicent of Marathon, so that people who have played both (like me and many of you) can tell your friends who have not, "Hey, that's from Marathon. It's a great game from back in the day. Way ahead of it's time." They're just Easter Eggs, and Easter Eggs don't make a sequel. Hell, there's the music from Myth on "Assualt on the Control Room." Does that make Halo a sequel to Myth?


Well, Halo is definitely not a sequel to Marathon. Its a prequel. A friend of mine even wrote a long essay on why the Master Chief is the same as the mysterious Cyborg protagonist of Marathon, and why it is possible that Cortana is Durandal, after going mad from information overload, or a prototype to Cortana. As well, Cortana and Durandal are both Charlemagne era swords- an important parrallel. As well, the Alien AI Thoth in many ways Parrallels Halo's own evil AI system.

In any cases, chances are that the Jjaro of PID and Marathon fame made Halo, and that Halo 2 will induct us into deeper exploration of the Jjaro connection between Marathon and Halo.

As far as the rocket launcher is concerned, a brief glance at any of the Marathon manuals reveals that EVERY missile launcher is a SPNKR variant. The variant in Halo is most likely the successor to those aboard the Marathon, which launched before the war.

In any case, you should do some deeper research in the Marathon story pages. The story is incredibly vast.



skyknyt, I think your friend is onto something with the idea that Halo is actually a prequel, and I love the whole sword name = AI bit (I seem to recall that being mentioned at HBO).

I did in fact read the entire Marathon and Infinity story a few years ago over at marathon.org (I had just finished playing the Durandal single player at the time). It took me an entire day to read, but it was well worth it.


I think you've definitely proved that Halo and Marathon take place in the same universe that Bungie has created for their games. Does it really matter if it's a sequel, prequel or two separate stories all together?

bob barker

i don't know if you realize this, but the reason the gameplay is so slow is because the MC has really good reflexes, they make a huge point of it in the book

James Peterson

while I don't dispute that marathon is a brilliantly crafted series and that Halo is nothng short of brilliant this does not alone prove the case that they are sequels. On sonic adventure for the dreamcast plenty of homage was paid to nights but was it a nights sequel - no.


Hey skye, I want to read your friend's essay... Is it posted online anywhere?

I love this post. I was (and still am) so pissed at Bungie for selling out to M$ that I have really refrained from going to any of their sites, or even doing any suplimental Halo reading -- even after I bought an x-box and halo on ebay.

It's fun to think about the ways Marathon "lives on" in Halo. The kill-the-guy-with-the-ball game was one of my favorites.

Coincidentally, just last night I was at a halo party... we had 4 x-boxes, and 14 of us spent about 5 hours shooting the hell out of one another. I think I even brought up Marathon at one point, (talking about a spanker-suicide map I'd made for it back in the day). But in 5 hours, we never played king of the hill, or the ball game.

That's really one of the only things that I don't like about halo: that I can't create and/or download new maps for it. That, and using the stupid x-box controller.


I'm surprised you didn't pick up on a big reference to Marathon early on in the game. In one of the first missions, when you are sent to rescue a squad of cut of marines you find them by a big structure, which you then use as a defensive position against the incoming enemies. Some of the marines freak out at this point, and you can hear some of them say "They're everywhere!" which is one of BOB's favorite phrases.

Also, BOB stands for Born On Board, as in that person was born on board the ship.

miles jacob

this page should tell you all you need to know about marathon and halo occuring in the same universe:


of course it also has hundreds if not thousands of pages of a detailed analysis of what in my opinion is the greatesst plot ever to grace a videogame (that of marathon 1,2, )

also, lest people forget, myth was made by bungie more recently than marathon, and there arent any significant myth references in halo. let's just call halo a side story in the marathon universe and leave it at that :)


u know what? its good for u that u found all those similaritires.
tell me what didn't bungie make both of the games
and that logo thing was stupid. well the artists at bungie mix up thier art with other things.
thats what looks kool.

masterchiefs real name is john-117 NOT bob

ur site sux with a capital K

one more thing u cant compare the two, HALO rulz, tis all about HALO


i think nothing can compare to halo.HALO RULES!!!! i agree totally with asswhooper.HALO RULES and marathon can suck balls


The skull, suit, and logo were the only things about Marathon convincing to me. What is the point though, ever FPS is based on something with resources from a previous shooter. Ever producer wants another hit but has to make sure it is just as bad as the first one. It's just like how rare created Perfect Dark or Goldeneye 2.


The skull, suit, and logo were the only things about Marathon convincing to me. What is the point though, ever FPS is based on something with resources from a previous shooter. Ever producer wants another hit but has to make sure it is just as bad as the first one. It's just like how rare created Perfect Dark or Goldeneye 2.


bungie made all the marathon games so naturally their technicians are going to want to put the things they are used to handling into the game, maybe they wanted to meet the deadline and had to cut corners. I hear that is infact why they left alot of things like levels, extras, gun and vehicles etc..but hopefully we will see the true completed halo in halo 2. wether it is a sequel of marathon or not i dont care, it is a bloody excellent game providing me with hours of endless fun and the creaters are alright in my books, no matter where they got their ideas from.




actually his name is John-117! Try reading "Fall of Reach"

Chad Harrison

What's the point? Who cares? Not me. Halo is a great game no matter how bitter you are against PC gamers.


i though Halo was the first of its kind......


BAH! I say bah! I agree with the blokey. who gives a toss. just enjoy the bloody game. As for John-117, I couldnt care less what it said in fall of reach, as far as I am concerned I'm glad that they only refer to him as Master Cheif cause then anyone could be him.


dude i totaly agree,but i think they made a new game with some of the same concepts.anyway i agree with the huge simalarity


I'd say you have a fairly valid argument, but in the big picture, does it matter?

One minor point. Halo was an Xbox launch title, and so I doubt Microsoft and Bungie could easily call it "Marathon 4" without lots of people (read: idiots) wanting to know whether Marathons 1 through 3 were available on Xbox. And there hasn't been a new Marathon in quite a while, so it's more economical to just call it "Halo".

Finally, why not re-use parts from your old games? Sure, its a cheap shot for people who know, but (and I hate to have to admit this) most people don't know what Marathon is. Is it recycling old concepts and artwork for use in a new game? Hell yes. Is that cheesy to do? Probably. But it's their game, and as long as the game is fun and playable, does it matter? Not really, as long as they progress each time a title comes out, and not just keep recycling the old stuff.


The way I see it the connections are simply to spark interest and debate like this, because it's fun and interesting. It's kind of like how in the end of one of the predator movies (don't know which one, but this is what I've been told) it shows as a trophy, a head of a xenomorph, indicating its the same time era (this also spawned 3 alien versus predator games starting on the Snes
I might point out a few more connections tho, go to start any halo level, and select the easy setting, recognise it now without the sword in front? And it's not just the marines that say 'they're everywhere', but also the little grunt aliens say it when they panic. Also, on the first level, just outside the bridge is a billboard, one of them as something like 'pentium XIII for sale' and underneath that is 'Colony ship, cheap'
So I personally think these connections were not only made as types of easter eggs, but for the fun of sparking peoples imagination.


hey duncan, one of the post also mentions a calico cat named jonesy, that was ripley's cats name, and it was predator 2


"but its called halo b/c it has to do with a halo, the other one was called marathon b/cit had to do with a ship called marathon. =) so no, halo isn't marathon 4 b/c there is no marathon ship anywhere."

By your logic, Halo 2 isn't really the sequel to Halo, because Halo 2 takes place on Earth, not Halo or another Halo installation.

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