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Hi Liz... i liked your piece but your friend looks hot, can you hook me up?


I also am finding myself in a pink addiction this year. I have always loved the color, but in the last few months I have been storing up with pink items.


Huh. I wish I had such convictions for my Orange fetish.

I guess I just think it looks cool :)

And not that I'm proud of it or anything, but my GBA is that see-through pink, as well. It was a gift, and it's the last one they had in stock at the time, I've been told.


I find pink offensive to me....im male. I dont like pink. Its degrading color off of red. Its like having watered down lemonade. Red is and will be better than pink. Also pink is a "light" color to me. I prefer "darker" colors like violet, indigo, dark red, dark anything. It may be just me...but i dont like pink.


I've found myself drawn to pink of late, but orange is, has been, and will always be my favorite. orange is the new pink!


i am a green person. i have a green backpack i've worn for four years, my walls are a pastel green. hell, i have a friend who legally changed his name to El Verde who wears green obsessively. but lately i have gotten more into pastels and discovering the properties of colors like pink mainly because of my renewed interest in her.


I am a pink girl. I'm talking all pink all the time. I have cool light pink hair and I wear pink clothes and make-up. I made the decision right after my birthday in November. I think it is really important to wear and be near our favorite colors. It really improves the quality of life. For me, I had alot of pink things, then other people started noticing I almost always had on pink. It became so bad that whenever I did not have on pink people would ask where the pink was. So now I made everything I own it. I am very happy this way. Good luck to all of you in your favorite colors.


What do you think of the new pink m&m's?


There are pink M&M's? Weeeeeeeeeeee


Oh I love Pink. It makes me happy. I have an I love lucy desk top theme and it's PINK PINK PINK! I was even thinking about purchasing the perfume by: Gap called pink! =)


Here it is Springtime, and I'm as hooked on pink as ever!


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