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Theleb K'aarna

I know this is completely off topic, but what exactly is wrong with Justin's website? It's been unreachable for days now. Just worried...


that's okay, i was worried too. he was moving stuff around, it's back now!

Theleb K'aarna

I sure don't want to push this issue too far, above all on the wrong site, sort of, but it appears that while www.links.net works just fine, www.justin.org does not.
Oh, and sorry about that gray hair, it's all downhill from now, You know, wither and decay – I think I got one too...someplace.
Now, if You would excuse me, Justin's been busy tying away, I got to start reading...

Theleb K'aarna

That was supposed to read „typing“, not “tying”, of course. Sorry.

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