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i think i will get things started by reviewing Joystick Nation, which, although 6 years past (and that's nearly a lifetime in the video game field), remains a provocative introduction to video game literature.

Justin Hall

You're going to post these book reviews as separate pieces, right? Would you want people to email you their ideas and reviews?


yes, they will be separate pieces, with their own category - and maybe their own pages. this thread is just a brainstorming session, a place for people to add their suggestions.

Timothy Burke

It's a good idea. You could tackle both books about gaming--the scholarly and popular nonfiction literature on gaming is growing rapidly--and books that somehow reflect on games and gaming from some other angle, whether it's a classic like Homo Ludens or something like Iain Banks' Player of Games.


I'd be happy to contribute. As you may know, I / we have reviewed several books over at joystick101.org.

I absolutely love the site, btw.


Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence, by Gerard Jones.

This book is the educated response to those who still think that video games, cartoons, etc are bad for kids. A must read for worried parents especially.


Does anybody really read books about gaming? I do but just for professional purpose. I don't think I would ever interested if I wasn't workin' for a mag.
But I think it's a good idea to review "game like" books. Sci-fiction, fantasy etc... I like to figure out relations between games and books. Games from books and books from games... Clancy and R6, Poe and Post Mortem. But there is just a few of them...


yes, i'd like to consider fiction as possibilities, too. the back and forth between literature and videogames is very interesting to chart.


Idoru - William Gibson


Game books I've recently read that are worth it:
-An Illustrated History of Video Games (very very good, not really an analysis of things, just an overview of history and the roots of modern gaming)
-Trigger Happy. Starts out slow, but is the best overview of "what makes a game" I've read.

When's this book review bit gonna' get cookin' ?


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