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Andrew Phelps

I wouldn't go so far as to say I have a full-length attention span though, several online RPG's have taken care of that.

I'll be linking some more stuff up soon, thanks for the plug.


Hey, it's great!

...but there's no RSS feed. Boo hiss!

Liz Lawley

As a colleague, I can vouch for Andy's attention span...and his wish for comments and RSS. Alas, the latter two are out of his hands, since Corante controls the technology. However, I think Donna Wentworth recently added an RSS feed to Copyfight, so it may be doable. Will work with Andy (and Hylton, the publisher) to see what can be done.


my old design professor, katie salen, began investigating gameplay in her design research studies and used game and gameplay as a model to create underlying structures for our design projects back in school (1995-98). i know she continued even deeper with the classes after us. i came back one year and did some mentoring and all of the students were investigating gameplay. you might be able to find some student work online at http://www.utexas.edu/cofa/a_ah/aca/desdiv.html. many of her questions were trying to define "play". we also watched and played a lot of video games during class (which at the time we didn't quite understand, but it was awesome nonetheless). now she is in ny at gamelab (www.gmlb.com) and i believe teaches at parsons teaching interactive and game design. she and eric zimmerman will be publishing a book about games that comes out this year through MIT press, game + play, is the title. you might want to check it out. btw, jane, all the type in the comments is showing up white on my mac, on IE 5.

Andy Phelps

Hylton tells me we will have RSS in a week or two. Keep watching, I'll comment back when we have it.



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