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Good interview. I started doing something similar about four years ago. Basically I just created a website (now deleted) that I used to post news stories and reviews on. It turned out to be a good way to get free games and allowed me access to E3 and GDC on multiple occasions. Luckily, the opportunity still exists for people to get into gaming journalism by just doing it. It's also a great way to get writing samples and experience dealing with company's public relations people.


Instead of being some sort of rabid fanboy, did you ever consider getting a real jounalisim job? Video and Computer games are cool and all, but hardly a necessity for survival. I am even going to quote you, when you said, "I'd recommend going to a college and attempting an English or arts major. That way, you can fall back on something when this whole "video games" phenomena implodes." Well I agree, it more than likely will implode one day, consideing the way the world is going at the moment, video and computer games may not be important very soon. To be honest, I have played games for over 15 years, and I am completely jaded with them. I'm close to 30 years old, I dont have action figures on my desk at work, I dont care about anime or comics, and I could really give a crap about the next big thing from nintendo. The most interesting games I have played in a long time were GTA3 and GTA vice city. You know, I am not sure what my original reason was for writing this post, but hey, I'll quote you again... "Know about video games. An encyclopedic knowledge about certain genres that you can reference during reviews and previews makes you seem like you know what you're talking about, even if you don't. I've actually had quotes on game box covers after writing a preview from a single screen shot." Wow, thats like, brilliant, man. Its good to see that some can spread the bullshit so thick that they are allowed to get their quotes on game boxes. Hey, you know what? We all need to grow up, this shit isin't important anymore, its a distraction for two to three hours a day. Dont get sucked in, go out more, get some fresh air, get some drinks, meet some women, you know, enjoy life? How can sitting in a non air conditioned room at nintendo for 3 days playing mario sunshine actually be any fun? Go get some real sunshine, bro.



well, that's your opinion. i'm sure it's much better for you to go out in the sunshine anyway!

personally i think videogames are *more* important than ever, if only because more people (who aren't necessarily gamers, by the way) are paying attention to them. the whole philosophy behind this site is that videogames may have important contributions to society, law, economics, and to us personally as digital media.

i certainly don't expect everyone to agree with that premise - but if you fundamentally disagree with that, well, then, i'm afraid you're going to find a lot to annoy you on this site!



Ok, that is your opinion, that video games are more important than ever. I recently read in artile in this months newstand issue of wired about how games teach children skills such as complex problem solving, cognitive skills, etc... Things that kids aren't basically learning in schools. What bothered me about the from witchcraft to warcraft article was the flippant remarks about lying, appearing to know it all, how to break into writing for video games, etc... etc... There are two jobs I think people should not get paid for, Playing games (such as cpl, Thresh, etc.. and reviewing them for magazines, web pages etc..) There are more important things to write about. Now, if a writer wants to do some serious writing about video games, He/She should see the UK magazine "Edge". I am all for it. The article in Edge are intelligently written and do not seem to cater to 15 year olds, much like all game publications here in the states. I do like your site and there is alot on it that doesn't annoy me. At least you are trying to intellectualize the game/gamer relationship in regards to society,economics, laws, and as a new form of entertainment (which isn''t new, but has been around for 20+ years). For Example, I loved your Rez Trance vibrator artilce, how about part two of that? I think people, including myself, loved that article and want to know more. It was edgy, to say the least.

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