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Sho Kasaki (no real reason for identity to be hidden)

This is a fairly good topic and I notice I'm responding many months after the last reply. Oh well, I'm slow and I just found this while browsing through Google, and this is a topic that bothers me as well.

This day and age, sex sells. No matter what. It's a shame, really, to have women being used as sex-toys and all that other crap. It really does disgust me, too. I've noticed that games that keep my interest usually have little to no sexual reference (and that's rare these days). So, case-in-point, I'm an RPG'er, through and through. Bulder's Gate: DA was fun, but I do agree (being male, you'll think I'm crazy) that the bosoms on the bar keep are a little extreme.

They wiggle in the wind for crying outloud! I always got a laugh out of it, but I never did once spend my time ogling at the screen. I just talked to her for what I needed and got the hell out of there. Not to mention: you can take off all of your Female's armor and have her run around in her bra and panties. How's that for kicks? Still, a little too extreme.

I'm a serious old-school gamer, with favorite games like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia. Even Inindo, for all you Ninja freaks out there. And with that, I'm tired of all this mainstreamed crap. Although I do play games like GTA (I'm playing SA as we speak), I hate how everything is so Hollywood and porn-like now-a-days. It's really sickening, and unless we're given good gameplay, no one should buy these games. BMX-XXX was a perfect example of all of this. Sure, every hot-blooded American likes boobs, but not in my game!! PS2 was censored (which was a good move, more sales for this peice of crap), but the game still had so many sexual inuendos that it made me gag. I must admit, I did laugh...a lot...but, that still doesn't mean I'm getting irritated. I am.

Games need to go back to their golden-years. Become great again, and not so sexually hyped that male gamers jizz their pants when they see Kasumi finger herself. That hasn't happened yet, but I know damn well it will.

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