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Bad Mojo

Just what I want to read. The lameness of slashdot in game form! Remember slashdot? It's back! With a color scheme to match the comments of the posters.


It's just slashdot with a subdomain, there's nothing really "game" about it. They took the few game items they put on their main slashdot page and moved 'em to a subdomain. Now it's just a purple slashdot with fewer articles.


The fun things with Slashdot Games include overcoming certain, uhh, preconceptions people have of Slashdot, plus overcoming confusion about how much content is exclusive to the Slashdot Games subsite (Xevu - we're doing 8-10 items a day, and only 1 on average gets mainpaged.) So, like I said, fun, fun, fun.


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