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Richard S

We recently wrote essays regarding Neil Postman. We were actually responding to newspaper reports of a lecture of his. I think the newspapers served him ill; he's much more awesome than I'd thought.

John L

This reminds me of some footage I saw on a space shuttle documentary, also presented without comment, of some rocket scientists (or more probably rocket engineers) in outrageous paper hats working in, like, disco clean-rooms. It didn't occur to me at the time that they might have been joking.


i'll never look at a documentary the same way again!


At least that's entertainingly bad. Have you tried watching G4 lately?

gao chao


Brian Deuel

The reason you cannot find a copy of the video online is because Owen doesn't have a release from everyone who was in it. Perhaps in the future it'll be released, but for now (sadly, I agree), it'll have to stay under wraps; occasionally showing it's head in places like G4 Gameheadz or California Extreme.

Brian Deuel
The World Of Owen Rubin

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