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E3 is always a blast -- last year's was a sensory overload blast to me, hehe -- I only recently took down my own report on last years fest but I feel now that I should've left it up, hehe.

See you there! I'll be chick with long hair trying to get into as many betas as I can ;)


did you get a chance to check out the matrix on line?
what did you think? promising or another enter the matrix?


I got into see the Matrix Online. I wasn't that impressed, I like the idea of a persistant online game to continue the story of the movies, however I thought that the way they were going to set up combat was incredibly silly. Didn't it remind you of "rock, paper, scissors"?

Josie Nutter

I went with my company, Zombie. It was my first time to E3 and I had a blast! I can't wait until next year. Photos online here: http://www.josienutter.com/photos/events.php?event=e3-2003


E3 was chaotic as ever. I was only there for one day and wish I'd been there for 2 ;). Lots of great stuff, some lukewarm etc. Interesting how the "PC Hall" was taken over by consoles.


I got in to see The Matrix Online too, I was impressed with the engine for it -- each and every room in the 70 or so story skyscrapers you see in the "background" are inhabitable and will *not* be cookie cutter furnished. The fight animations were interesting but I'm not sure how "bullet speed" will pan out in game - might just come off as "ok now we wait while I finish this move" when we've seen it for the umpteenth time. Here's the "game" I made up on E3: http://www.offlinetshirts.com/e32003thegame.htm

Here's my longer write up focusing on MMORPGs: http://www.offlinetshirts.com/e32003mousetrap.htm


I love the game girl's pictures.

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