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The Enter the Matrix is an interesting game to watch or even play for short periods of time. Though I find that watching my fiance play is rather boring simple that it wasn't funwatching him and his friends try to kill the agents. *Ugh* The cut scenes explain much, but the graphics are nothing to jump out of your seat for. The controls are easier then many others but the fact that the game moves fast and easy to beat simple makes the fun not last. Replay value to me is slim. Excellent rental and nothing more.


Hello, i am the aforementioned fiance. In defense of the game, Jen never actually played it. Don't get me wrong, she loves games like this (Gungrave was one ofher favorites ?) She was just too busy playing morrowind to really get into it when myself and friend rented it. Ok, the graphics seemed like they could have been sharper, but since the game can also be played on the PC, im not complaining. The controlls were easy enough (and this comming from a non console gamer), and the game was difficult enough to where I would get stuck on the occasional level(vertigo anyone?).
The cutscenes where amazing and added so much more the matrix universe. I would happily buy this game for the movie clips alone, but it would have to be the PC version for me. Overall a game well worth the 40+ you're bound to spend on it, and of course, an excellent rental for the console gamers.

Big Belly Boy

"I have a dream..."

Where gamers and non-gamers alike can receive/make thought provocative statements and feedback regarding video games that are actually relevant and unique.

I mean...take away the overall anger of having to work 9-5, the hang-over, last week's pink slip, the constant grey weather, no girl friend, monumental debt, etc....

...and try to provide "reviews" that both gamers and non-gamers can benefit from.

Believe it or not, the glass is half full...even in the Matrix.

Nay sayer..."not",
Big Belly Boy


Itīs a good game considering poor library of the gamecube, at least is better than BMX XXX and the list is to long to continue.

I beat the game in only 5 hours and then I think "sh...t I spend almost 60 dlls for this...?"


Ok, I agree that the game was fun, but I don't understand how everyone thought the hacking section was "so cool".

All you had to do was dir all the directories and then run every program in it, and voila. You've unlocked everything.

WtF makes that "hacking"? I mean, please. And the use of the messages an' such in the "hacking" section really seemed kinda campy to me.



um... how do you beat the SWAT team helicopter? Anyone? Are you meant to lob grenades cause the only way I ever beat the SWAT teams on "normal" is using grenades and I run out quite quickly... and btw. I'm not really crap its just that I'm playing it for the first time on "normal" mode cause I usually don't play the "easy" mode. And I think it is good. I'm not a Matrix Junkie so I don't feel an urge to defend it, and I'm not out to critisize it cause thats what all my friends think... I'm just being honest this is a fun game. :D


It doesn't have to be innovative -- I've never played Max Pane, but I'm sure there's really nothing new in this game. The car chase scenes were kind of dull after awhile, and online multiplayer would be cool. The hacking was a total disappointment -- I'm a hacker, and that's not hacking, it's using a commandline interface -- and it doesn't even recognize a keyboard on the PS2.

But, on the bright side, the plot was pretty cool -- I'm guessing these were scenes they cut out of the movie. It is also a fun game -- play on easy, and it's easy. Play on normal, and it's challenging -- but still fun. Did I mention that there are around 400 moves each for Ghost and Niobe? Not that it helps gameplay much, but it's a lot of... fun. Don't judge the plot until you get to Zen Garden with Ghost and Persephone's Bedroom with Niobe. Play on easy if you have to -- or cheat (though I never did).

I will say again, because people thought the hacking was cool ... use Linux for a bit, and you'll realize that the only real "hacking" or "skillz" involved are being able to type fast -- and the PS2 version doesn't support keyboards! Go download knoppix to give it a try without installing -- just burn to a CD and boot.

And though the graphics don't look as good, I think it's because it's so dark most of the time. There's also a trick to make any game look better on the PS2.

The technical end sucked, though. Limited to 4 savegames, when you play like my bro, is a real problem -- that and I have to share the thing with him. It takes forever to load levels, and though the combat system is cool, it's also glitchy all over the place.

If you really want to have fun, though, play with hacking and unlock multiplayer. Then take the skills you learn there and you can go to town on the people you fight in the game -- Serif, Smith, Vlad, Cujo, Trinity, are so much easier after you learn the cheap little tricks in multiplayer (when playing against a human).

In answer to Jenya:

The SWAT helecopter is about staying alive. You hide against the right wall while it shoots you, then focus and shoot it, then kill the SWAT team with kung fu to help regain focus. And you'll have to do better than that, not to spoil anything...


Hmm. I think Enter the Matrix could have been better, particularly the PS2 version, if they hadn't had to meet the boxoffice release date. But then, the sales probably wouldn't have been nearly as strong.

In any case, I have to say I *really* enjoyed the game a lot more than I thought I would, and on the 'Movie Licensed Game Scale' (a scale wholey seperate from the one we use to measure the quality of 'real' games), Enter the Matrix is at the top. And I thought the Lord of the Rings game would be the best I'd see for a long time.

Anyway, the biggest surprise for me was the whole 'hour of exclusive footage' actually being footage that was important, of high quality, and geniunely enjoyable. I can only hope that Sparks and Ghost have bigger roles in the third film, they were really great characters.

Oh, and...Jada Pinkett-Smith and Monica Bellucci making out doesn't hurt my opinion of the game either. Call me stereotypical.


glad you commented on the "hour of exclusive footage". my main (only?) curiosity about the game stems from the fact that it, along with the animatrix, was supposedly designed to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the matrix movies. does it?

i think it's rather cool that companies are beginning to miz and integrate different media. however, i generally feel that games based on movies tend to be really shallow and badly designed. i wonder if the game designers are depending on the games association with a particular movie in order to sell it? or maybe they haven't quite figured out how to integrate games and movies effectively.


Quoting Bowler
"The graphics are nothing to write home about..."

Do you actually write home about game graphics?
"Dear Mom, Played Splinter Cell. Great graphics."
Kidding aside, this game pretty much wants to be everything a gamer wants, racing, stealth, shooting, fighting. They got zombie-ish creatures in there so all they 'need' are nazis and aliens and they would have everything! Unfortunatly, stealth in this game is not needed or rewarded, driving parts are limited and I felt were too easy, the fighting and shooting parts were nice but as others put it Max Payne Kung Foo is much better.

I am one of the consumers tricked into buying this game.

Feeling of pity comences... now.


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