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Just started playing it tonight (saw the movie last night).

I have to say it's just O.K. so far. The graphics are nothing to write home about, and the gameplay isn't anything you haven't seen before (see: Buffy, and Indy. i.e. brawler). The focus thing (slo mo) isn't even all that novel if you've played the Max Payne Kung Fu mod (which I highly recommend for a good time).

Granted, it's still really early (I'm still in the first Post Office section), but it's a Shiny game, so expect to run from one hallway to the next hallway, and have rooms inbetween for fighting guys. Lots of hand-holding, and not a lot of options.

My favorite is Perry's statement "you can walk 30 different ways!" To be truthful, as a player, you can only choose between walk, jog, and run (the other 27 must come in in-game cutscenes). And let's be honest, this game isn't about walking, so who cares, Perry? Where's the statements about how this gameplay is so new and original, you'll want to play it 8 times over? Why does Dave Perry continue to get the accolades of the gaming community at large when he keeps shovelling the same shit every. single. game. How he convinced the Wachowski Bros. he could do their vision justice is just beyond me, especially after Hideo Kojima expressed an interest in the project.

In the end, I'm only playing this game for the cutscenes that explain more of the backstory for the movies, anyway (I'm a total Matrix junkie). I've never expected compelling and novel gameplay from Shiny (not since after the letdown of the second Earth Worm Jim, anyway), so the "gameplay" in this case is just a means to and end for me.


Just an afterthought: With a budget of $20 million, their break even point is 2 million units sold. For any other game, that would mean blockbuster profits. I doubt Warner Bros or Shiny are going to see any kind of return on their investments. This game has the potential to become landfill ala ET if these reviews are any indication.


The combat, focus, and wall moves are pretty fun. I find it easier to play on PC than console because of the input customization options (there's lots of controls). Not a terrible game by any means though. I wasn't expecting much. I figured about like a James Bond game crossed with Max Payne.

Good console rental. You can blast though it in a week easy.


wow, you totally called it. The only part of the game I was enjoying was the hacking menu, which imho is rather sweet. Otherwise, the game is mediocre at best, and like you, I'm playing it through just for the back story (I probably won't get to see reloaded for another week anyway.) Now if only the hacking console had a bit more depth...


I'm not really in a position to comment on the game, but I can say that the Wachwoskis actually went to Shiny to make the game (in fact, they went before the first Matrix movie, at which point DP declined, but then naturally jumped at the chance to do a Matrix game after he saw the first film). The $20 million involved in making the game does not include the $100 million (I've heard) that Infogrames paid Interplay for Shiny and the license, but the game had 4 million pre-orders, so I think it will end up being profitable.


As far as I'm aware, it did not have four million pre-orders. The only claim made is that four million copies have shipped to retailers, which is a really dubious distinction. Damn marketers! Making it seem larger than it likely will be. Overall, things don't seem too bright at Shiny right now (ok, bad pun).


I bought and played the Gamecube version and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really like the 'matrix style' actions when you slow time down as you pull off outrageous moves like running up walls and diving through the air as bullets fly past. In the last portion of the game you come across tons of agent Smiths. Like Neo you think you can take them, but after a brief whooping you run, you leg it. The game mis-steps every so often, the driving is ok but nothing special, but as a tie-in with the movie it is awesomely good fun.

It's clear that Shiny have had to make some compromises in releasing it on all the platforms. Max Payne is focused on just the gun play, whereas Enter the Matrix is as much a beat em up. I was initally skeptical but I was won over, all the elements combine to make for a very exciting and rewarding game experience.


I would have to agree with most of the other comments made so far. This game tries way to hard to be every genre of game at once, and in reality the game is medicore in each genre. This game is no GTA, this game is no Max Payne, this game struggles even to be playable.

This game has been cursed by the movie license plauge. However, the game is worth a rent to struggle though and watch the really good cutscenes.



I think the game follows perfectly with the movie...overhyped, severely mediocre. As a matter of fact, I find the game more interesting than the badly cobbled script which pretends (and has plenty of adplay) to be philosophical. Very dissapointing since I liked the first one. The game on the other hand meets my expectations.


Well, something old is always new to someone else. I didn't get to play Max Payne because my computer was too slow and I didn't have the graphics ability. Besides I'm a total Matrix junkie as well.

This game is an adrenaline rush. Yeah, stuff is kind of spoon fed (I just finished the post office and drove to the exit), but if I really wanted to figure things out, I'd have been playing Ghost Recon. This one is just fast action.

I'm having fun with this so far. It gives a great way of simply blowing off steam. Most games like this are way too difficult.


I think that the game is really fun to play. When you have slowmotion,lots of guns,and be able to fight with a bunch of really cool combos.I dont see how you can go wrong.Also the extra hacking section is lots of fun and gets really cool the further you get.So I say if your a fan of the matrix trilogy then you should own the game as well. its well worth it.


The game's not very good, it reminds me of Dead to Rights. Neither game is very good and there are serious flaws in their gameplay but it can also be very fun to play at times. That and the cutscenes make the game stern homework for anyone who enjoyed the film.

Speaking of which did you guys go to the 1:40am at the Chinese? I had a lot of fun with that crowd and was pleased as punch to see that I had better seats than Quintin Tarantino.

p.s. that Dave Perry guy is really really tall.


Maybe it's my taste in games, which is strange because I'm usually overly critical of most games, but actually LOVED Enter the Matrix.

Why? I had fun.

I played it on easy, no cheats, and beat it in 8 hours, but those 8 hours were fun as hell. I don't care if the gameplay is reworked, especially when the slo mo mode of Max Payne pretty much ripped off the Matrix movies in the first place. The idea of focus (ie, concentrating harder to attain special abilities), is a very good explanation for all the stuff in the matrix.

Yeah, the graphics are nothing special, but I'm not playing the game to watch a movie, I'm focusing on how the game plays.

although the sound is repetitive, I only noticed that after watching others play, taking the music from the movies really adds to the atmosphere, building up tension and adrenaline. I was afraid when I ran into my first agent, I felt like a badass when I took the wave of SWAT team between the pillars in the post office. And I think it's mainly due to the sound.

I loved the engine, but then again, it's very much like Buffy. But I loved Buffy too so it makes sense. the ability to decided between pulling off cool kung fu moves, disarming your opponent and then running away, coming up stealthily and pulling a Chokie Roberts, or just busting a cap in their asses and watching the bullets slowly trail into their carcass is excellent.

If the game was just the main single player mode, then I would say it was worth a rent. But when you add in all the extra features that you can find by hacking, well, I hope to buy this game very soon.

I say just spend the 5 bucks, rent it, and make your own decision on the game.


personally i liked the game. It was not as long as i expected it to be (took about 8 hrs) but over all i would give it a "b+" rating. Good cut scenes and good background to the movies. I was also impressed vy the hacking section, although i wish it was deeper. I was also glad to use some other characters in the movie instead of Neo and things, although it would have been nice to use them as well. overall i like the game.

El Ronin

In reality, to get ALL the cutscenes, and the WHOLE story, you've got to play the game TWICE. Once as Niobe, and once as Ghost.

Each has similar and different experiences.

I never played Max Payne, but I've seen it. This out does it by a LONG shot. And playing it on the Xbox on a HDTV, its a VERY pretty game.

I'm loving it. I just have one problem. Collisison glitches. I drove through the wall of a building and couldnt get out and had to restart the level. Also the camera sometimes moves wrong, but that is par for the course for 3rd person games.

But as a movie license, its nice that it doesnt retell the story, but tells a diifferent PART of the story.

Erik Bennett

Ok some of you are over critical, this is a great game, and if you are compairing the focus to any other game, you shouldn't. If a game has bullet time that means they ripped it off of the Matrix in the fist place. And unlike alot of other games this one has a great story. The hand to hand combat is great, not medeiocer. May be on concole systems it is differnt but I have had fun on my computer with it. I wish there was more though, it is not 20-30 hours of game play, there is about 12, that is with beating it with both Niobi and Ghost. But all I have to say is.



WTF, Max Payne invented bullet time, you bitches whining about how MP stole it from the first movie need to get a clue. You think the Matrix was the first movie to ever have slow motion projectiles? Hell no, but taking this as an element of gameplay, where the world slows yet you move in realtime was an incredibly innovative idea as an aspect of gameplay. ETM has no originality, they rip ideas from other games, and can't pull off better performance than other games that are 2+ years old.


Max Payne did not invent bullet time u retard. They themselves said that they took they ideas from the Matrix since they loved it a lot and decided to make it a shooter. They took bullet time cause they thought it was an awesome effect. Don't talk about stuff you don't know


Heh yeah you might have noticed the 'What is bullet time?' feature in the Matrix DVD but perhaps that should have been a bit of a giveaway, maybe, just maybe people hadn't seen it before.

Max Payne Release Date: July 24, 2001
Matrix Theatre Release Date: March 31, 1999


I've just got the game and I'm very impressed with the fighting system and the use of Matrix-esque moves.

The driving section is a bit of a pain but overall it's shaping up to be good.


I beat the game in only four hours on 'easy', but it was a fun four hours. Only bad parts were that it was TOO short, and the hacking feature doesn't work, at least in the case of the 'view' and 'play' features. Plus, multiplayer didn't initiate when the strategy guide said it would. There are some bugs, but I'm sure they'll get figured out.

Love how John up above put that guy in his place. Freakin sweet man!


i'm sure that there is a lot more to this game then anyone knows about and it will all be unlocked in the hacking mode....p.s. if anyone wants to play the multi-player option you need to plug in 2 controllers.


also...if anyone knows what the gift is that sparks leaves you in the loading screen is will you e-mail me and tell me...i thought it was a hexadecimal code used in the binary access of the website but it didn't work


He say's he has left you a gift in the loading section and that's where it is. If you have 2 controllers plugged in you get the multiplayer option.

I love this game. I've finished on easy and normal with both characters. Everyone keeps bitching and saying it's trying to rip off other genres.. it's following the story line of Reloaded. It would have been interesting to see Niobe and Ghost running after Morpheus and the Key Maker on the highway.

I'd have to say the coolest aspect of the fighting is the subtle combinations you can use to do different moves, plus adding in a tap of the focus button to modify the move some more. 2 examples are try tapping the block just as an apponent attacks you then a punch or a kick. Another is sneak up behind a guard and do a grab to put a "sleeper" hold on them, and tap the focus button to snap their neck. I've found endless amounts moves past just punch, kick, shoot, and grab. Oh and the agents (especially Smith.. not really an agent I know) scare the crap out of me. There is nothing better than killing one - it can be done.

Mr E?

I bought the game on Saturday Afternoon and had beaten it by Monday (total 4:30hrs). I wish it was a longer game as I seemed to fly through it too quick. I did like the game play though (except the stupid hovercraft bit). I liked the story line and development a lot more than the movie (which was kind of a let down). Good game if you can pick it up for less than $50. I got mine for $40 from Game Stop.


The Enter the Matrix is an interesting game to watch or even play for short periods of time. Though I find that watching my fiance play is rather boring simple that it wasn't funwatching him and his friends try to kill the agents. *Ugh* The cut scenes explain much, but the graphics are nothing to jump out of your seat for. The controls are easier then many others but the fact that the game moves fast and easy to beat simple makes the fun not last. Replay value to me is slim. Excellent rental and nothing more.

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