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romance games?

there's tons of it in japan... Look at all the dating simulation games. Toki*something* memorial, Kanon (despite it has a few light hentai scenes, it's seen as a classic date sim), and there are tons more. given, most american fans of these dating sims had to meet 1 important requirement, which is they had to learn how to read japanese, but for the most part those who do play it get hooked right away.

so i don't see whats the problem they have with romance games, given the success of the japanese counterparts in the game world.

Brandii Rhiannhon Grace

Toki *Meki* Memorial - & yes, there are quite a few popular "dating sims" (as they are usually referred to). I suppose they are the closest thing to "romance games" that we have to date (no pun intended). However, there are many differences between "romance novels" (which the girls [not me] seem so fond of) & "dating sims" (which are often male-oriented games).

Consequently, anyone who wants to know more about "dating sims" can go to http://www.megatokyo.com/extra/dating_sim_faq-ver1.htm (WARNING! Some material may unsuitable for younger audiences.).

Or you can check this site for girl-oriented "dating sims" http://www.threeheadeddog.com/j1/lovelove/ (WARNING! This site may also contain material intended for adults-only!).

Of course, you can also e-mail questions to me: CoderAngel@yahoo.com


Great links, nice suggestions. Definitely, romance is much more present in Japanese software entertainment than anywhere in the West.

I bought Tokimeki Memorial, one of the classic Japanese games (you mentioned it Dafish) in November 1999, and since then I've watched two more fluent Japanese readers/speakers solve it through, going after the pretty girl. Jane was one of those folks - she's experienced the pursuit of romance in games first hand!

I think a few of these games have been translated. But for anyone used to Halo or even the latest Barbie game, I think the slideshow presentation of most of these games would turn off people who aren't used to reading story into flat, unmoving pictures. And they're not terribly interactive - choosing which conversation to follow or which statistic to improve to get a girl is not so likely to get console fans - maybe PC fans might go for it.

I was watching these simple slideshow games and thinking, shit - we should just make our own! I mean, they seem really low-tech - not hard to reproduce, in Flash even.

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