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You know, the closest music journalists get to "writing music industry history" is top 10 lists . . . How long has the music industry been around? Fortunately for us, I think a more accurate parallel industry is the movie industry, where the focus is on the movies and directors, and the actors. In games, the focus is on the games themselves, and the publishers, and sometimes the characters (Mario).


"You know, the closest music journalists get to "writing music industry history" is top 10 lists."

Nah, that's just pop "music-history" (Rolling Stone, MTV, VH1, etc). You can find real historians dealing with the history of Pop music, and a LOT dealing with the history of, say, Jazz or Classical. And every good Punk knows the history of the genre and why their particular generation of music is the only "real Punk" ;)

Anyway, that's probably where games history headed, but it's still at risk if we can't find a appropriate means of archiving older material (Apple IIe and DOS games are sometimes hard to come by and use, games the operated on old punch-card computers are even worse, and those old Pac Man cabinets won't last forever).


I enjoyed reading the Gamespy article until they mentioned the GBA. They listed selling a GBA without a light as a dumb moment.
The way I see it, Nintendo didn't have their rechargable battery ready. So instead of delaying the GBA for a year, they released it without a light. Sure, lots of people got mad but the GBA is still the dominant system. If anything, Nintendo pulled this stunt and recovered with SP early enough that it didn't give Sony a hand. If the GBA failed because of their light, then it would have been dumb.


i wasn't super crazy about the GB light one.. when i suggested the topic to everyone, it was more about the fact that the system, which was destined to have about a billion SNES ports, didn't have 4 face buttons. that was it.. it sort of morphed and i didn't end up writing it.

not that what is there is bad, imo. just it's more debatable. i don't think there's much debating the 4 buttons point.


Jesus Christ, that was a [very] breif history of games.

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