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T-shirts would be pretty cool. I'm a nerd-aholic though .. I already have two Penny Arcade shirts and a couple more from Gameskins. Apparently I have too much money ;)


you're right, liz, that would be a great idea! i'd thought about it before... i just dont know ho we could do it pretty cheap, without resorting to the somewhat over-priced price structure of Cafe Press. any ideas?


Why not check with the guys at Penny-Arcade? Their store has custom shirts at a decent price and seemingly better quality than CafePress.


I second Quietmob on this one. They use Gameskins I think (or used to) for their shirts, and the price didn't seem outrageous.


i think tshirts would be a bad idea because people repel from the idea that the site just wants to make money off of it. and if it is just on a plain white tee then forget about it.


I think that's the whole point: to make money off of it. Jane and Justin run this site out of their own pocket. There's no advertising. There's no corporate sponsors. Selling T-shirts to make a buck or two in order to help out with the cost of this site isn't exactly something to repel from...


I agree that the site owners should be able to recoup some of the money they spend running the site. And at least with shirts, if you don't want to support the site, don't buy one. If they went to ads, you'd be forced to look at them. Personally, I think a shirt with the new logo would be pretty cool, and I don't think it in any way would make readers think "Holy CRAP! They're selling T-shirts, next thing you know these @#$'ers will be owned by IGN!!"

Seriously, it's just a shirt, and I can't think of a better way to pitch some support to GGA.


i wasn't thinking that.


I would like to see a combination of the old design and the new mascot. This comment also applies to the general site design. I was a big fan of the Milky Pink / Fuschia GBA logo, partially because that is my chosen GBA color scheme.

If it emphasized the Girl in Game Girl Advance (by which I mean pink) I would be willing to purchase one.


You could check out these Tee shirts...
Just click on the clothing button.
Let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards from London,





There are some pretty kewl things on thinkgeek.com, some are gaming, most are not. Also check out http://www.xboxgearstore.com/


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