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Huzzah! This is a heartening tale. And great timing! As other courts and congresses consider laws and regulations on specific forms of video game speech (mostly violence) it's good to have some legal language that frames games as speech so strongly. Thanks for finding the juicy bits and sharing them!


Here's a PDF of the opinion. Upon reading further, the 8th circuit not only supported the idea that video games are speech, they also claim that the whole video games cause harmful psychological side-effects line of reasoning is "simply unsupported on the record." That makes this case a real one-two punch against kneejerk blaming videogames for social ills.

It seems obvious to me, as a casual student of media and politics. Hopefully the courts wisdom will resound throughout the land, and deepen the discussion about videogames past "Games are bad." In the United States, you can't simply regulate games without considering 1st Amendment/free speech issues, and if you want to claim that violence in video games warps young minds, you'll have to put up conclusive evidence.


thank goodness there is finally some rational thinking on this issue. of course, it merely (legally) affirms what we all already knew, but it's a great step nonetheless. great post, Bowler.


Here's a PDF text of the original Limbaugh decision that was just overturned.


Here's a PDF text of the original Limbaugh decision that was just overturned.

Yikes, why does that name trigger my gag reflex? Oh, right.


I love this site, I love you guys. Thanks so much for the great info. The washington thing had me really skeptical about whether or not this ruling would be overturned. We were all waiting for it, thank god it happened.

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