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Wow, I haven't seen that screen in over 10 years!

But I must say if you're looking to play an earilier version of that series I would start at #2 or 3. Much better interface. But still pretty confusing. I guess one could compare it to the Civilization games but more empasis on battles and no technological advances.



try wasteland in the rpg section, or dark heart of uukrul. both of those are really great. wasteland is very fallout-esque if yer into that scene, and its not too hard for a beginner.

Christian McCrea

This marks me out as a purist, but i found playing the old games (and the fantastically addictive modern versions, Dynasty Warriors 3/4 and Kessen 2) far easier once I'd read the ancient novel. Somehow, I just *got* what the old games wanted me to do more once I started to read the novel.


Yeah I think you're right. Reading the book did help a whole lot.

And it's really not a bad book at all. It's like the Illiad of the East.

dr_colossus of dataleak

I remember I loved to play Genghis Khan from Koei back on the old Amiga days alot!


Its a place to find all the oldies Game.....

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