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Hugh Hancock

Ah, a note here. There is no "official" Machinima website. Machinima is a movement of people using 3D real-time environments to make films, not a company or product.

More info can be found at the rather less FLash-driven http://www.machinima.com as well.

(Note: I'm on the board of http://www.machinima.org - just wanted to make it clear that this isn't a proprietory technology or anything.)


You can link to more info on Mike McShaffry at
Mike is the author of the recently released book Game Coding Complete.


ah! thank you for clearing that up, Hugh.

and thanks for the info on Mike McShaffry! the book sounds very interesting.



I am going to be with one of the exhibitors at the Austin game conference. I find your gaming/society related articles relevant and interesting; if you can drop by I would love to have a chat with you.


Pussy Cat

Too bad all of these conferences were too far for me to attend them :( But maybe some day I'll be able to go to some of them!


There are other machinima websites. Craftingworlds.com has a website with machinima artists and How To's etc.


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