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IIRC, any time white wolf made a set of 10-siders themed to one of their games, one of the dice was always "different." The only one I have is the Warewolf set, where the die shows aspects of the moon.

I've seen a 12-sided die that has different areas of the body on it (R-arm, L-arm, Head, Torso, etc) for determining hit locations.

One guy I know who actually laser-cuts his own dice (that should score boku points on a geek purity test somewhere) made a game that uses dice that have a few blank faces on them.

Then there's the curiously fun game CLR, where each face of a die has a C, L, or R on it.

Cheapass' Diceland uses giant paper 8-siders with color images and stats on each face.

There was TSR's failed collectable dice game, DragonDice, which had all sorts of weird symbols on each face.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I know I've seen more.


i admit i kinda want the silver d20 pendant.


Crystal Caste has an even more alarming array of precious and semi-precious dice in their Dwarven Stones line (not to be confused with Dwarven Forge).

(Confidential to Grue: next time Allan's putting together a game I'll be sure to let you know, but he may be booked up for the summer)


mmmm, rose quartz ...

i bought just 2 d20s at GenCon, crystal orange and crystal blue, because Allan's games really only require a d20 for each player. but i like the idea of having an entire matched set. (that's the fashion gene talking.)

Allan mentioned that a stand had dice earrings for sale. it might be fun to make jewelry and accessories with cute dice. Here are some dice ends for your body piercings. Hot Rod Mama caters to the gamblin' gamin' crowd, as does Gambler Jewelry.com.

Or, how about a Faerie cloak?

this reminds me, i have to post the Costume contest pictures soon.




Fun fact: At Gencon 2002, there were two sets (one raffled off, one auctioned) of dice made out of material from the EDMOND METEOR. (At least, I think Edmond was the name. Something like that, I suck with names.) The sets were complete, each including a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a percentile tens-place d10, and the dice were the size of the Dwarven Stones sets.

Never did find out how much they went for.

For more dice information, check out the International Bone Rollers' Guild. Good stuff lives there.

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