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I think that using Joan of Arc in a video game is more about getting instant recognition from consumers without having to buy an expensive franchise license.

While I don't quite harbor the same lifelong fascination with Joan of Arc, I do have a passing interest in her story. I mean, my mother's middle name is actually Jeanne D'Arc if you can believe it (thanks in part to wacky Catholic French Canadien traditions).

I certainly don't think that the knowledge of Joan's impending doom will really detract from the game experience. Games like Battlefield 1942 and Age of Kings, while certainly inspired by history, are by no means ver batem records. This is will be a game like most other games in that fun will be at the top of the "features to implement" list, and historical accuracy somewhere near the bottom.

I am interested to see how this game turns out in anycase, considering it's from the same people who brought us the excellent Capitalism series and most recently, the bug riddled but still fun Restaurant Empire.

Jake of 8bitjoystick.com

Look at all the games on wars in China and World War 2. I mean we know how those end but they are still fun to play.


Actually, it is Le mystre and not Le mystre :-)


Now this would be a great game! I love Joan. What fun it would be to play at her life.


Trevor Chan of Enlight talked with GameZone.com about Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc.

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