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It seems that the voice chat appeals to the Socialisers, but killers and achiever dont like it. And exploreres dont mind. Perhaps.


To tell tales out of school.


To tell tales out of school.

Lee Stovin

I have been following Richards work for a while now and I understand what he is trying to drive at; that is the loss of immersion and role-play by introducing speech. The reality is that a significant percentage of players just are not mature enough to understand role-play theory and simply use immature 1337 speech anyway way as a form of communication. It woould be great if everyone got into the role of their character but they just dont. If you look at the holo-deck in star treck, they might be role playing a 1780 character from a story, yet they are talking in American or what ever they speach they use in the future. I believe that there are potential benefits on introducing speech now to virtual worlds, especially for educational reasons. The story might be set in England or France and this would be perfect for place to be able to learn the language. I have played many mmorpgs and have found lots of people who play the game solely to learn the language and become more fluent in it.

Erik Bastianen

With all due respect, I think it's more the writer himself that is afraid _his_ virtual immersive world will be broken.
I played DAoC for about two years and I think voice would have been a major help in many situations. As I recently entered the world of Xbox Live, I learnt what positive impact voice communication can have on games. And come on, what effect do written words have on photorealistic rendered virtual worlds. True, voice communication would break a text-based MUD game, but as the presentation of a game evolves (graphics, sound) so should also evolve the communication. Writing text just isn't effective enough. Have you ever been able to effectively communicate tactics in a PvP battle while fighting? Can you write down your emotions during a dragon raid without using dozens of nonsense characters?


Erik Bastianen

With all due respect, I think it's more the writer himself that is afraid _his_ virtual immersive world will be broken.
I played DAoC for about two years and I think voice would have been a major help in many situations. As I recently entered the world of Xbox Live, I learnt what positive impact voice communication can have on games. And come on, what effect do written words have on photorealistic rendered virtual worlds. True, voice communication would break a text-based MUD game, but as the presentation of a game evolves (graphics, sound) so should also evolve the communication. Writing text just isn't effective enough. Have you ever been able to effectively communicate tactics in a PvP battle while fighting? Can you write down your emotions during a dragon raid without using dozens of nonsense characters?



Many of the comments here are off the radar for what this article was aiming at. It wasn't directed so much at MMORPGs and FPSes, as it was pointing out how this will be a problem with virtual worlds.

Virtual worlds are much more immersive and socially-oriented than MMORPGs and FPSes; they include online environments such as Active Worlds, There, and Second Life. These three environments are nothing like the games most of you are defending.

Virtual world environments do not have time-critical goals that require you to keep your hands on the controls instead of chatting, lest you be offed in your unprepared state. Instead, these are alternate realities that are designed for you to explore, create, and socialize.

One of the prime reasons for participating in a virtual world like these is to use it as an escape from reality, so in this case, the original point Bartle made makes sense in the context of these worlds.

BTW: In response to the Second Life comment -- ATMs in Second Life were implemented by a regular resident who runs a third-party currency exchange, gamingopenmarket.com. Unlike There, SL's economy doesn't require you to buy currency, and if you don't want to buy something from someone else there's nothing stopping you from building it yourself for free.

Harry Voyager

I play an MMO called Eve Online, and until recently was affiliated with the Curse Alliance, and later Supremacy. It's a relatively small MMO, so I don't know how many of you who've heard of it.

We lived on Team Speak. From the moment you logged into the game, to the moment you logged off, and often even when you weren't logged in at all, you were on voice com. Did it break the fiction of the game to have a commander with a Scottish accent you could cut with a chainsaw? Perhapse. Did it break the immersion? It did not. It many ways, clear and complete communication only served to make the game more real, more involving, and more complete. When a Stain fleet tried to capture one of our stations it was *our* station they were trying to take, *ours* and we would die to defend it. And when we tried to take their stations, they were the same. It has an involvement and intensity that is just not there in the EQ clones.

I wonder if, perhapse, when the first graphical MUDs came about, the text players felt the same way about them?

Harry Voyager

Funky J

Given that in virtual worlds many people design Avatars based on themselves or an ideal of themselves (see the comments on the Second Life forums for example http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=43798 ) then I can't see that there is a problem...

From nearly everything I've read, people mainly create themselves.

Even so, with Real Time voice masking women can sound like men (I've seen the Black Eyed Peas use a special mic to do the "female" bits of their songs before they had a female singer) and vice versa, so that eliminates that problem.

Of course, you're always going to get some OOC discussion or noise, but that happens with text as well. The way around this is to report/ban users who talk OOC.

I don't see that voice in multi-player role playing games is such a bad thing as expressed in this story


Wow, this is a lot of justification to rant against the inevitable (your word: unavoidable). Welcome to 21st century technology. To paraphrase Richard Feynman, technology is what nature made it, not what we want it to be. People will adapt and make what they want, and the rest of us will be dragged, kicking and screaming (Remember Windows?)


There are many people who wouldn't think typing one or two word sentences is worth text. Here we have a thought out discussion with text, where we can fully complete a thought and rethink what we really think before posting it. Its not really chat in that way.

Chat is short for chatter. Not really fully thought out facts or ideas, just communication. I use ventrilo. Its nice to not have to type simple statements and questions. Its nice to hear the tone and inflection in peoples voices, less misunderstandings that way.

Text chat has its uses but for inter-group chat, nothing beats voice. These are the people you are directly interacting with at the moment. These are the people who would traditionally type "inc, add, baf, oop, afk,", these are things that are most useful to know as soon as possible. And when things are happening around us, having our eyes glued to a text box isn't a priority. Or perhaps you have a window open, you get cold so decide to close the window, and someone types "inc". 1 minute later you see it, too late to react. If you have voice chat, you hear it when you're not at your computer, and can dart back to react in time if that is your priority.

Even when it comes to roleplaying you still use 1 word acronym sentences to communicate during action. And besides, if you are really into roleplay with your group, im sure you could have way more fun over a voice server, give it a shot you may be surprised. :O


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Gwyneth Llewelyn

Well, voice is now coming to Second Life, and it is built-in. The first generation will not have any voice morphing technology in place (although one has been promised to be developed, which should take a year). After such a maturity of Second Life's society and economy, this is one of the most dramatic changes to be introduced there since, well, 2003 I guess. It's obviously different to introduce a technology (or way of life) that changes things for a thousand people, however, or one that will change things for 7.7 million people.

Sadly, nobody read Bartle's very thorough and fundamented article. And yes, they're only after the marketing hype to attract another couple of million newbies that will join, laugh a lot on their mics, and leave after a week or so. But in the mean time, the number of accounts will effectively rise, so, I guess the marketeers will be happy.

It'll be interesting to watch it unfold in Second Life as well. I predict that Bartle's prediction is correct :D


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kamagra opinie
When it comes to pets, dogs are truly within a league of their own. Unlike the aloof pet or placid goldfish, having a pet dog encourages its owner to interact with it, play with that, speak with it, run around along with it, and so on. No other pets form as strong a bond using its owner as dogs do. Inherently cultural animals, dogs love being the biggest market of attention, meeting new people and seeing new sites. The problem many pet owners face, however, is how to contain or control their dog's natural excitement so they don't jump on people, chase cars or chew everything in the house ragged.

Dog training is obviously the answer - but what is a it? The majority new dog owners are not familiar with the ins and outs associated with dog obedience training, and are unsure involving how exactly to tame little Fido so this doesn't pee everywhere and chew in the curtains. The good news is that dog training classes are fairly common practically in cities, and tend to be affordable enough for most pet owners. Better news is that using a little research, people yourself can train your pet dog using the same techniques and tactics as used by the experts. Don't expect to become a dog whisperer after reading only one book, nevertheless - dog training can be a skill many expert coaches hone over years working with hundreds of dogs. Nevertheless any god owner can easily pick up many effective training skills from reading only one book or attending a few classes on dog training.

The first thing to consider about dog training are definitely the different techniques used. Currently there are actually two primary training methods used by most experts: collar or leash training, and reward training.

Collar or even leash dog training is not as popular since the idea involves physically restraining the pet. It is, none that less, an effective training way of certain breeds of pet. Collar or leash training is done by controlling the dog's reactions for your various commands/instructions through the use of a leash around that animal's neck. The dog owner exert force in the leash with varying examples of severity to maintain control of the dog as the training progresses. Leash training is a good method to show the dog you will be firmly in charge in the situation and the leader in the relationship. Dogs possess a genetic tendency that you should follow the leader of this pack, and will actually listen to you and follow your instructions more carefully if it thinks you will be the leader. While it may seem harsh, receiver collar or leash training is an efficient training method where some other methods fail.

Another popular dog training process, the reward method, is favored by many dog owners once they first try to teach their brand new puppy simple commands. A gentler, milder and, some may argue, more humane dog training technique, this reward method uses positive reinforcement to teach dogs. Every time your dog shows some progress in choosing a new command or even behavioral trait, you would encourage it by bathing it with praise, really enjoy, together with little treats. The dog will soon repeat doing things that make its master happy, and also keep doing the same thing in the hope involving receiving another treat.

Dog training isn't just for kamagra the benefit with the animal. It also helps the owner gain a deeper understanding of her or his pet, together with fosters a stronger bond relating to the two.
To do, owning a dog, especially some sort of Jack Russell terrier might be a very rewarding experience. I love dogs but I have always love Jack Russell terriers the most. Many people, especially first time dog owners are often misled into thinking that when they bring again that cute little pup, it will eventually increase into an obedient adult dog which will follow all their recommendations like what they see inside movies...

They will be in for viagra a surprise and miserable time health of their lives if they don't properly train their puppy - more so in the matter of a Jack Russell terrier. How come Jack Russell terriers may be different from other dog breeds is that they were originally bred as a hunter. As a seeker, the Jack Russell tends to display a predator tendency and ferocity. As a hunter, it loves entertaining, is incredibly energetic, always on the lookout for prey, fearless and is very competent at making its own decisions as well as solving problems on their own.

Don't worry, you don't have to give up you cute little Jack Russell terrier puppy for the reason that can actually be very successfully trained and can become a very good companion. So when you first intend training your puppy? That is a very good question because timing is fundamental factor in training a puppy. A lot of dog owners start their dog training at the wrong time - prematurily . and their puppy cannot handle the strain of the training; as well late and their dog has already formed bad habits which is difficult to take out.

It is recommended that you really start off with kamagra housebreaking, basic obedience and then followed by advanced exercise. Really you should also not even pick up a puppy from a breeder or the pound until it is at least 8 weeks old. Consequently, housebreaking should not even be started until your puppy is about 10 months old. The biology behind this is it's important for the puppy and its litter to be combined with their mother in the early stages of their lives. Do your best, that allows the puppies to educate yourself the basic instincts and social norms expected advisors.

Research has found that dogs which were removed from their mother and litter has a tendency to nip as a pup and may develop aggression issues in the later part of their lives. Socialization is also a significant aspect in a dog's life since it is growing up. Puppy really should not be isolated from other dogs or human especially inside first 15 months within their life. You should also attempt to complete the housebreaking for your puppy between 10 to 12 weeks. It ought to be used to your house by then.

Sometimes, most people used crate training to increase the training process. If you want to use crate training, propose to start it as soon as you bring your Jack Russell terrier puppy home. Crate training will also help your puppy to understand that it has to carry his pee for some sort of slightly longer period.

After getting completed kamagra housebreaking, you may then move your puppy to help basic obedience training. The essential obedience training will normally come about when your puppy has grown to around 3 to 6 months old. Depending on your preference, you could train your terrier in your home or in a category. The basic training include instructions like sit, lie down, continue to be, move over and any other actions which you want your puppy to discover. It ought to be very simple and if you use the right approach, you can teach your puppy all these within a couple of days.

Once your terrier has completed the basic obedience training, you may then train him in other ways. Nevertheless if you do decide to teach it new tips, make sure it is old enough to be able to handle any physical stress that comes with the training. It is recommended that the dog be fully grown before you train them jump, run or dive. The strain on a puppy's body may be immense and stress is believed to be a contributor to dysplasia right after they are subjected to these kind of intense training.

A dog is a big responsibility. They need lots with attention, stern authority and the chance to bond with you. Training dogs too early can make them restless and fearful while training them too late tend to make them aggressive and overbearing. Consequently, make sure you get a puppy at the correct age, train him on cue and stay consistent as he ages. As a result of teaching your Jack Russell terrier for a young age, not only are you teaching your puppy to understand the purpose you play as their pack leader nevertheless, you also ingrained those instructions deep down into their heads as certain actions they should remember at all times. Those first few weeks may very well be trying but the excess work you put in will come in very handy when your terrier reaches maturity and follows your every command.
Receiving the kamagra right attitude towards dog training is among an array of important aspects to successfully train your pet dog. Sometimes you do not realized it but it can be having a wrong attitude that could be the case on why your dog continues to have that behavior problem and the problem is still there despite efforts you place in to train your pet.

It is not the techniques that are wrong but instead your attitude in doing pet training. So you see, dogs are sensitive to your emotions - more than you might like to believe. Hence the failure or success as soon as you train your dog starts right there in your mind!

If you're having kamagra problems in your puppy training, think about it again. Did you conduct the training full-heartedly or you did pursue a career just half-heartedly because you should do so? When training your pet dog, di you just feel the dog training quickly so that you can get back to end your never-ending reports for your boss?

Are you currently vigrax using a certain dog training technique in the program you have just bought therefore you are in doubt if the technique you use to train your dog is going to work but you still undertake it anyway because you have already paid for it?

Well if those are definitely the attitudes you have, then it's not visiting work. The reason is success in dog training will depend in the first instance on your attitude, approach and how well you understand and apply the following principles or concepts:

Your pet dog Is An Animal

Even though your dog is very attached to you and you consider him an integral part of the family, he or she is still not a human. He ought to be taught and train on where to start and what he can or is allowed to do. Your dog also learns through repeated steps, so you will additionally have to be patient when you train your dog.

With his kamagras animal instinct, your puppy sometimes may exhibit behaviors that will be not acceptable to you. Normally there will be a tendency to punish pet for the bad habit. If a punishment is needed, remember not to use harsh punishments but instead use the opposite that's reward for good behavior for a positive reinforcement to inculcate superior behavior.

There is no Free Lunch

When dealing with animals viagra your dog incorporated, know that they do not understand something such since free treat. Sometimes you may be tempted to pamper your pet dog but training your dog can be an ongoing process. So from now on, make sure that you get your dog to figure for every treat he or she gets. Consider that for an ongoing dog training process for him. This is because if you spoil your puppy by giving him treats without him putting any effort to get it, he might think that he is eligible to those treats and may choose not to hear your commands.

That's The Boss?

Pet dogs are basically kamagra pack animals. This means that by their natural instinct they are going to follow the leader in the pack. Just by their natural instincts, they will also try to end up being the leader. To hit your objectives in dog training and also to have your dog play you and obey ones commands, you have got to be the leader for your dog.

However you must kamagra also be careful and see what type of dog breed your pet is. Blindly putting on the leadership principle if you have a naturally assertive dog like the Jack Russell terrier breed may result in a disaster.
Schutzhund vigrax dog vigrax stands for "protection dog" in Languages like german. Together with, in the beginning 1900s, Schutzhund dog training was established being a sport to assess the dogs' characteristics which were imperative for use within law enforcement-type of job. At first, the German Shepherd breed was the only one that was put with the severities of training. Now, any dog breed may compete.

A Schutzhund dog should have certain qualities that make it a worthwhile breed. For example, they need to get:

: Agility

- Courage

- Good sniffer vigrax

- Intelligence viagra

: Protection instinct kamagra

In the event the dogs viagra kamagra vigrax pass the tests, and very few accomplish, they could be especially trained for all kinds of law enforcement related activities including bomb detection, drug detection and search and recovery.

An overview Of Schutzhund Dog Exercising

Schutzhund dog training can be an kamagra organized system, which has viagra changed in the last 100 years. The reason for the change is that some people believed the process was slightly inhumane. Today, the exercising is strict and company; nevertheless, abuse toward the dogs is not really allowed.

Previous training vigrax was founded on the minute number of arranged courses and manuals. However, as the training grew to be more widespread and well-known, the expansion of educating the dog owner to begin dog training slid into Dvd and videos.

Your test has three phases:

- Checking

- Complying

- Protection

Certain skills vigrax that kamagra should be taught for a dog when he/she is a puppy like tracking and retrieving, leash training and behavior

The majority of puppies viagra will show characteristics in the beginning if they meet the many qualifications for Schutzhund pet training. There are variations within each training method but most of them focus on four fundamental skills:

1 - Compliance/Obedience - The main trait sought from the Schutzhund dog is complying (or obedience). Most courses have 11 basic commands including but not limited to:

- Back positioning

- Object pointing kamagra vigrax

: Focus and attention viagra

- Retrieving

: Stand

: Sit viagra kamagra

- Down kamagra viagra

two - Clicker Training - Not every single kamagra dog training involving Schutzhunds make use of the clicker training; however, they work with a similar technique. This is considered positive reinforcement, which is the best way to alter a dog's behavior. Clicker training should be started when the dog is just some sort of puppy (around 10 weeks of age).

3 - Protection - Once your dog is young, you viagra want them to know it's okay to bark at strangers and also to approach only when you have given the all-clear. Any sort of dog that displays lack of control, fear or aggression are going to be gone from the levels of competition. While the dog is training, he/she must recognize when someone/thing can be a threat and be ready to attack. However, they also has to be self-controlled enough to stop the attack in the event the command has been offered.

several - Tracking - When you vigrax first intend teaching your dog, you'll wish to begin simple. Since cues, use the aiming and pointing involving objects. Add difficulty on the tracking once the dog becomes more capable. Schutzhund dog training teaches pet to identify a target's scent and then to start giving run after until he/she's been called off.

If you choose to train kamagra vigrax your dog, you might want to improve a certain group of skills your dog may use to finish that job rapidly and effectively. When you're a trainer, you must realise that many dogs struggle to attain the success level that's.

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