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When reading the One Liners you posted above, I had the feeling the guy was a bit of an ass, but then I looked at his rap sheet, and saw the games they were connected to.

Granted, I only played about 1/4 of the titles listed there, but I have to say that all but one of his One Liners were pretty damn accurate for the games.


wow i looked at his rap sheet and finally a realistic look at crappy games that get overglorified by the throng of overpaid and soft reviewers out there... I think this kind of outlook should be employed more and maybe the industry will learn they can shovel out crap games like roller coaster tycoon 2 and postal (1 and 2)... i love the postal review by the way... "An atrocious waste of time - it's not even offensive." Recently revisiting this game I failed to find what was actually interesting in it... As for mechcommander (1 and 2) mediocre at best games deserve those kinds of reviews... Look what they did to mechaslut errr.. mechassault for xbox my god they butchered that to the point of pull right trigger shoot, jump, rinse wash repeat... that was my experience from it anyway... In my opinion all of those games got what they deserved as far as a review goes...


i enjoy acerbic reviews. it's true that gaming in particular suffers from a surfeit of slobbering boosterism. we need more seanbabys and old man murrays!


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