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Why do I keep thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger when I hear about this game?

"The hero -- or, at any rate, the playable character"

That cracks me up everytime I read it haha. I can't wait.


Manhunt does sound great. Stealth games are good, but I tend to find the stealth becomes too much at times. You feel like you are holding back. Hitman was a game that suffered from this. By the same token, Hitman and Thief were games that thrived due to the thirst for stealth styled games.

The current "story line" cracks me up. Hahaha. "a wealthy dilettante who amuses himself by staging violent games of survival." ... another beauty.


the ensuing death is presented from the Director's perspective, forcing the player into his unpleasantly voyeuristic role.Mmm, yeah, everybody will get the irony of this, and Manhunt won't do any of the damage to video gaming's reputation that GTA3 did.That said, it does sound like great gameplay and fine work for those who do get the irony.


I gotta say, very weird, not what I expected at all. Does anyone remember the movie Running Man. Hopefully the game is a little better than the movie was. Also, I hope the game isn't so dark that it becomes depressing to paly.


I read up on a sizable magazine article in PSM, And I must say I was suprised at how great this game appeared.
According to those who playtested it, You are given a very large dose of fear while playing it, As if they created it like some sort of survival horror game. I am picturing it with an almost splinter cellesque vibe.
Oh, And how can a game become depressing to 'paly'? It is just a game, and not some sort of..Eh, nevermind.

If something can effect you that deeply I highly suggest you never play anything over a Teen rating.


where can i get to see a ix of man hunt itsounds great!


They should have named it Liberty City Survivor...lol


Very nice blog


This IS NOT a GAME! this is a test of sanity. you become but a pawn in a web of violence. the more gore, the better your rating. This director sells these scenes you kill in as snuff films and expliotation films. If beauty was sneaking up on an unsuspecting fool and taking a piece of razor wire, cutting off his head to use as lure for his buddies.... then Manhunt deserves to be displayed in the louvre next to the Mona Lisa. To watch in horror as you gouge out eyes with a broken pieces glass is but some of the Fun you can apprciate from MANHUNT. I love watching the skulls crack under a metal baseball bat.


Hmmmmm :) Manhunt...I have grown rather fond of Rockstar's titles as they cut right through to the core of what gaming can be...a suspencion of belief and a trip away from our world into a fantasy world, allowing us players to get away with things we would never dream of trying in "The Real World". Kudos to Rockstar for always ignoring political correctness in favour of us gamers and our experiences :)


Will it avaible in german language?




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