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There's been a rich relationship with Vampires in the LARP and RPG worlds, so it's a natural for computer RPGs. There was one released before, with some somewhat unweildy user content tools. But the lineage behind this game does sound promising!

I look forward to this game but I imagine the complexity and power of the title might lead to a delay towards summer or fall. Will there be multiplayer?


The links for Bloodline and White Wolf both lead back to GGA.


*salivating* can't wait for it.. I still play the first game... But one has to wonder with the World of Darkness storyline ending on january 14th, if this will tie into that


My wife and her friend play the original game (V:tM) via IRC on a semi-weekly basis. I doubt this will be the case. I for one would really prefer to see a V:tM video game that also caters to the non-combatant, but I fear that the typical vampire game usually leans to the combat/gore heavy side.

So much of the Mark Rein Hagen universe is made up of social skills and manipulation that the combat almost pales (pun intended) by comparison.



According to a press release on White Wolf's site, the videogame will tie into the end of the world plot of the tabletop games.


It made PC Gamer's September cover - has a nice article inside too.

As for the multiplayer, I believe there is but the devs were vague at best about it.


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