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Three of my roommates hit that party, although they retired to the room much earlier, after learning that "open bar" meant that you could request an entire bottle of wine on the White Wolves' tab. They brought the bottle back to the room, and then ran up and down the streets looking for a bar to loan them a corkscrew, which they brought all the way back to the room, opened their bottle with, and then returned.

Pity the NASCRAG party has to be at the same time. If the White Wolf party is the rave of GenCon, then the NASCRAG party is the highschool Sweethearts Dance--fairly relaxed and tame, generally enjoyable, and easily over in time for bed.

One of these years, I'll get over to that party, clink some glasses, and cut loose. Still, at least this year I get to do so vicariously.


Aw, I know! I really wanted to go to the NASCRAG party, too. Next year let's party hop from Sweetheart Dance to Rave and back again!

Actually, I was going to write up a little entry about the mini-party in your room - was it Weds. night? - seven guys, two sleepy-heads asleep on the bed, four playing Carcassone, and you and I sitting on the floor amidst the dirty socks talking. That, to me, is the essence of a Con.

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