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I've actually been doing a great deal of thought on this topic myself lately.

It seems that within ten to twenty years we should hopefully have a hand-held system that's so powerful that perhaps we wouldn't even need a living-room system.

And on a related topic to the eye-cam human-body computer, I was trying to think of where the next innovation in interface was going to come from. Computers started with the keyboard, and then Apple threw together the first mouse, but then what?

And then it hit me. It's already here: Tablet PCs and the PDA pen inputs.


I thought the mouse was invented at the Xerox PARC, but perhaps I am wrong.

One story I _do_ remember, though, was that the mouse was created as a temporary stop-gap, never intended for public use. The technology they wanted to use was touchscreen monitors (though personally, I think the pen input is better because it's a finer point of control, and won't smudge up my screen as much).

Another input device that's "already here" in the some-guys-in-R-and-D-have-some-prototypes sense is body-gestural input, where you are watched by a camera, which interperates your movements to navigate (sometimes called The Minority Report Interface).


I always thought the next big step would be more about technology portability or usability and less about where the user plants technology. *shrugs*

I do hope sufficient focus is placed on the "living room" in time for internet tv. Everything else seems primed for it except technology just isn't quite there yet. TV now intrudes with half-screen advertisements and animations during the shows, quality of seasonal programming has taken a dive, there are more repeat shows (re-runs) now more than ever, and internet radio has already become popular. I think the next logical step is a heavy competitor with tv, but really only if technology can get into the living room in a practical/seamless way.


I think we will create our own systems by deciding what to carry around. digital camera's, watches, highly integrated cellular phones, mp3 players, digital keycards and even digital jewelry. And network them on the body itself by using the body as a wet-wire (NTT docomo and IBM are working on this and have achieved 10Mb/s). This way we carry around an ad-hoc peer to peer network with the functionality of our choosing and with IPv6 everything will be a node including ourselves. this opens up the door for a truly ubiqitous environment. where we can interact with everything, and often in a natural way just by touching it. Interfaces will become natural, more liquid and not fixed to one appliance anymore. The context in which we act will serve as a wrapper for the media we receive and record in it so it becomes possible to google ourselfses and our relationship with other entities. Licklider here we come.

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