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Clothing + RPGs = ...cosplay?

(that reminds me, everybody pester Jane until she puts the photos of the GenCon costume contest up)

Always weird when this sort of thing happens. Reminds me of when the empty storefront next to my Minneapolis game store of choice, Phoenix Games in Uptown, was taken over by a boutique specializing in women's club-wear, bikinis and lingerie. Now there was an odd couple if ever there was one.

walk slow


And here a lingere shop got replaced my a church.

Ben TX

I used to work for Wizards of the Coast. It sucks having such a love for games (Settler's anyone?) and having to push Taboo. I'm not going to knock taboo, but is it really more fun that slaying a Mind Flayer or squashing the rival plantations in Puerto Rico? I doubt it....

I did walk away with many a magic card though...;)


ah, Taboo. never played it. played Cranium last night, which was okay. given my dislike of Trivial Pursuit it was surprising that i had a good time playing it. mainly what i displike about those types of party games - gaming lite - is that they lack a strategic component. i like games that reward and encourage long-term strategy play, no matter how silly the game actually is.

Ben TX

Exactly....the american board game industry seems hell bent on the player making a fool of herself. They want you to sing or dance or show how little you know. In the German/Euro games I've played there is a sense of respect and the assumption that the players AREN'T morons and that they will make good use of their cunning and genius to prevail. Also there are more games where luck is entirely (or close to) eliminated. The fact that they can do all this and still not end up with chess takes my breath away.


For the wide world of board games most folks in the US have never heard of:

I'm trying to steer strategy and turn-based video game players onto the unwired types of games.


Hey there Jane -- I came across your note and was pleasantly surprised. My hubby William and I own It's Your Move Games and Hobbies and I would love to meet you sometime if we can catch one another in the store.

FYI, In about a month or so, I'm going to start a "Macho Chicks with Guns" campaign to get more women into RPGing -- For those who don't know, it's like Charlie's Angels with an extra helping of steroids, although make-up application and running in high heels are defined as "skills" used for the greater good of picking off chauvinist creeps. Sound fun?

Chad: I'm totally with your sentiments... it's time to tune in rather than tune out!




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