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Reading: old Comic Books I found after the move to the new house.
Listening: old Mortal Kombat Immortals CD I just bought. Again.
Playing: Not sure. DSL isn't hooked up yet (so no SWG), and I'm burned out on Outlaw Volleyball. Maybe buy a new game this weekend?
Watching: Bigah Oh! Shotaimu! (Big O)
Doing: more art for my new game concept. If I can get my PC hooked up (need a new desk) I'll be doing some digital ink and paint on it. Otherwise, more unpacking! Whee!


1. Reading: Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire (in preparation for the new one), and Killing Monsters, Gerard Jones.
2. Listening: A mix of Rooney and Dealership:)
3. Playing: Star Wars Galaxies and Advance Wars 2
4. Watching: My wife perform in a play (4.48 Psychosis, by Sarah Kane), and Revolution OS (Oxygen is rerunning Xena? Sweet!)
5. Doing: Working on redesigning my website (I'd link, but it's not ready).


1. Reading: Sacrament (formerly known as You Will Know Our Velocity) by David Eggers
2. Listening RadioK.org
3. WarioWare: Mega Microgame$
4. Watching: Strongbad answer his email
5. Doing: Final changes on the last day of my internship at Maxis.


1. Reading: Carry On Jeeves, P.G. Wodehouse
2. Listening: Chara - Madrigal
3. WarioWare: Advance Wars (4 way battles with my coworkers)
4. Watching: My Girlfriend play KOTOR
5. Doing: Working on a deadline for Activision


1. Reading: Dungeons and Dreamers: The Rise of Computer Game Culture from Geek to Chic
2. Listening: This American Life (My favorite NPR show)
3. Playing: ATITD and an indie project I'm working on
4. Watching: "American Splender"
5. Doing: 10th Annual Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival - Jousting, mud fights, and insane amounts of barely cooked meat? Sign me up! Taking the whole family!


I do love the list format.

1. Reading: No Logo, Naomu Klein
2. Listening: Single Frame, "Wetheads Come Running"
3. Playing: Silent Hill 3...
4. Watching: My dog barking in his sleep
5. Doing: the hustle!

I'm sorry, let me do that again.

5.) Recording music with my peculiarly hairy friend


It's saturday night and we are working :( The good thing is that we are working on a shockwave game, which is always fun (and it involves ballet and bumping cars). I just wish we could be watching Xena :)



Reading: Hustler
Watching: BayWatch
Playing: Tomb Raider
Listening: Britney Spears

Love your work,



1. Reading: Downsize This! by Michael Moore
2. Watching: um... tonight is Law & Order night, so probably a lot of that.
3. Playing: Stepmania, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Live for Speed, F-Zero X, Pokmon Puzzle League, DDR Max, and the list goes on and on and on... I think I may have a problem.
4. Listening: Not for Your Ears - Evanescence, and Comfort Eagle - Cake
5. Doing: Working on a college's website (yay for at-work web access)


Here's to hoping there were a lot of charged-up GameBoys on the east coast this weekend.


1.reading: metamagical themas:questing for the essence of mind and pattern
2. watching: motogp-brno
3. playing: heroclix and some d&d
4. listening: nofx-punk in drublic....and dealership!
5. doing: trying to put together a small display table using just 2x4's and glue.


1. reading: positively fifth st, by mcmanus.
2. watching: next episode of redvsblue
3. playing: i dunno. maybe some starcraft.
4. listening: tv highway to the stars! :) and some old sleeper albums.
5. doing: looking forward to a week of work :(


1. read: Poe complete tales & poems, Mein Kampf
2. watched: Takashi's bizarre Dead or Alive
3. played: Star Wars mod online for Battlefield 1942
4. listened: The Postal Service, dealership, figurine, famicompo
5. did: furniture design, album artwork


1. Reading: Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.
2. Listening: Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Radiohead - Hail to Thief, At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command
3. Playing: Advance Wars 2, Super Mario Advance 4(it's a shame I can't use the Japanese e-reader cards!), Star Wars Galaxies
4. Watching: I just bought As Good as it Gets on DVD, so I'll watch that.
5. Doing: practicing the piano 1-2 hours a day(about three fourth of which is spent doing Hanon's perpetual movement etude, heh), watering my mother's plants while she's on vacation, trying to keep myself from eating too many chocolate muffins.


1. Reading: Summerland by Michael Chabon
2. Listening: Flaming Lips, The - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
3. Playing: Star Wars Galaxies, if my server ever comes back up =)
4. Watching: Bug
5. Doing: typing this in at 4am 'cause I can't sleep =D


Reading: Neotech II: Psychuous Sex
Listening: DJ Ceph
Playing: Knights of the Old Republic
Watching: Futurama, Season 2
Doing: och, the working, it is hurting my brain

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